DENVER (KDVR) — There are about two weeks left of prime leaf-peeping conditions. FOX31 traveled west on Interstate 70 to capture some of Colorado’s gorgeous fall foliage.

If you can’t make it up to the high country this year, this photo gallery will be sure to get you in the fall mood.

The fall colors arrived a bit later than usual this year, so you still have time to grab that camera, stock up on snacks and head west to see the beautiful aspens.

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Because Colorado had one of its wettest years on record, the state is having a particularly vivid year for fall foliage. FOX31 can attest to that after taking a trip out west.

Our team stopped at Frisco and Breckenridge, went up Guanella Pass through Georgetown, stopped over at Kenosha Pass, and came back through Guanella Pass on the U.S. 285 side on Oct. 2.

If you are planning to go leaf-peeping this weekend, here are some of the stunning views you can expect. But be sure to hurry — some leaves have already fallen, like along Kenosha Pass, where many trees were already bare.

  • Fall leaves - Frisco
  • Fall leaves - Guanella Pass 2
  • Fall leaves - Breck 2
  • Burning Bear fall leaves
  • Fall leaves - Burning Bear 2
  • Fall leaves - Guanella Pass 9_1
  • Fall leaves - Guanella Pass 6
  • Fall leaves - Guanella Pass 7
  • Fall leaves - Guanella Pass 8
  • Fall leaves - Guanella Pass
  • Fall leaves - Guanella Pass 4
  • Fall leaves - Kenosha Pass 2
  • Fall leaves - Kenosha Pass 3
  • Fall leaves - Breck
  • Fall leaves at Breck troll
  • Fall leaves - Breck 3
  • Fall leaves - Kenosha Pass
  • Fall leaves - Kenosha Pass 5
  • Fall leaves - Kenosha Pass 4
  • Fall leaves - Burning Bear 3
  • Fall leaves - Frisco river
  • Fall leaves - Frisco 2
  • Fall leaves - Frisco 3
  • Fall leaves - Frisco 4
  • Fall leaves - Guanella Pass 3

If you can’t make it west to Vail, Summit County, Aspen, Gunnison and Grand Mesa by Oct. 10, don’t worry — there is still time to head south.

According to the Pinpoint Weather team, the San Juan Mountains and the Sangre De Cristo Mountains will have prime conditions through Oct. 15.

If you captured some stunning fall foliage, be sure to share it with us. FOX31 has put together a gallery of photos submitted by viewers.

Now, if you are ready to skip over fall and jump right into winter, there are still weeks to go. October is usually the month the Mile High City sees snow for the first time. The average date for Denver’s first snow is Oct. 18, but as with all averages, it could come sometime before or after that.

Regardless of whether you are enjoying fall or just can’t wait for winter, the seasons are changing and so are the leaves.