DENVER (KDVR) — The vibrant fall colors are peaking right now, so it’s a perfect time to grab your map and head to the Colorado high country. FOX31 went west on Interstate 70 and has some stops you should make.

The Pinpoint Weather team released a forecast of when you can expect peak colors across the state. While the colors arrived a bit later than usual this year, you still have time.

If you want to head west, you have until about Oct. 10 to see colors in Vail, Summit County, Aspen, Gunnison and Grand Mesa.

FOX31 jumped on I-70 on Oct. 2 to see exactly what it looks like in the high country. Here are some spots we recommend seeing and some you may want to skip over.


If you are looking to see some fall foliage and enjoy the sounds of a mountain town, be sure to stop in the Frisco and Dillon area.

Take the Summit Boulevard exit off of I-70, and you will be greeted with a plethora of fall colors. As you head south to Frisco, be sure to look out your windows and maybe make a pit stop to snap a few photos of the leaves around Dillon Reservoir.

  • Fall leaves - Frisco

When FOX31 visited the town on Oct. 2, there were tons of golden and orange aspen trees. If you can’t make it to the high country for a few more days, Frisco should still have some peak colors. Many trees were just starting to shift from green to yellow.


To continue on your leaf-peeping tour, you can take Colorado 9 south to the historic town of Breckenridge.

If you are looking for miles of yellow and orange leaves, Breck might not be the best place to find it. When FOX31 traveled to Breck, there were lots of green pine trees instead of colorful aspens.

However, to get a bird’s eye view of the town, you can take the gondola to the top of the ski slopes to spot some of the vibrant aspen groves, or even take a trip and visit Isak Heartstone, the Breckenridge troll.

  • Fall leaves - Breck 2
  • Fall leaves at Breck troll

There aren’t a ton of pull-offs where you and your family can jump out of the car and explore a grove, but Breckenridge is still a great town for fall festivities.

Guanella Pass

If you are looking to go on a scenic drive where you can stop and take in the fall foliage, be sure to hit up Guanella Pass.

From I-70, take the Georgetown exit and begin your journey up the pass. But, be sure you and your car are prepared for the mountain drive.

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When FOX31 drove up the pass on Oct. 2, there were tons of golden trees. One of the best spots to stop along the scenic byway is at the Abyss and Burning Bear trailheads. There is a beautiful little grove full of golden aspens that you can walk through and take stunning photos.

If you want to see a 14er, be sure to stop at the top of the pass and take in Mount Bierstadt, which sits at 14,065 feet.

  • Fall leaves - Burning Bear 2
  • Burning Bear fall leaves
  • Fall leaves - Burning Bear 4
  • Fall leaves - Guanella Pass 2
  • Fall leaves - Guanella Pass 3

Be sure to take the pass all the way down to U.S. 285. Your camera will be full of vibrant pictures.

Kenosha Pass

West on U.S. 285 is the ever-popular Kenosha Pass. The pass is known for its groves of aspens, but when FOX31 stopped by on Monday, many of the leaves had already fallen for the season.

Kenosha Pass is a great leaf-peeping spot because it offers a ton of simple trails where you can get lost among the trees. Many of the lower trees had already lost their leaves, but the trees up on the hills were full and vibrant.

  • Fall leaves - Kenosha Pass 2
  • Fall leaves - Kenosha Pass 4
  • Fall leaves - Kenosha Pass 3

Kenosha Pass is still a must-visit but be prepared for some bare trees as the season comes to a close.

There are about two weeks left before the aspen trees are left bare and the winter season moves in. Take the time to see the leaves — you won’t regret it.