DENVER (KDVR) — Colorado GOP Chair Kristi Burton Brown announced she will not seek a second term as head of the state Republican Party. This comes after the rough 2022 midterm elections, when Republicans lost all statewide elections and lost seats in the Colorado House and Senate.

“I look forward to focusing on policy once again after my term ends in March of 2023,” Burton Brown said in a statement to supporters this week. “I know how important it is to continue to fight tooth and nail for our party and our values. We are the pro-life party, the pro-kid party, the pro-Second Amendment party, the working family party, the free speech party, the religious freedom party, and the only party that has the common-sense, constitutional, conservative solutions to put our country back on the right path. We must never forget that, and our work must continue.”

This comes as the chair of the Colorado Democrats, Morgan Carroll, also said she will step down next year after six years of leading her party.

So who will the Colorado GOP and Colorado Democrats look to in a new leader? The political panel discusses that this Sunday on “Colorado Point of View.”

“The idea really is strategy, fundraising, cheerleading, securing the right candidates and getting out the vote,” FOX31 and Channel 2 political analyst and Democratic strategist Andy Boian said. “Morgan Carroll is a good example of doing that successfully.”

“Kristi Burton Brown did a good job raising money. She did a good job staying on message and did a good job of getting out to the counties and really working with county parties,” FOX31 and Channel 2 political analyst and Republican strategist Michael Fields said. “I would look for that for the next chair too, to say, ‘Are you focusing in on crime, on the economy, on education, those issues?’ And really talking with the unaffiliated voters. It’s 46% of the electorate.”

Watch the political panel’s full discussion on “Colorado Point of View” this Sunday at 7:30 a.m. on Colorado’s Very Own Channel 2