DENVER (KDVR) — The race to lead the state’s largest city is heating up. The former CEO of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, Kelly Brough, is taking on former state Sen. Mike Johnston in the June 6 runoff.

This week brought a first look at how Denver voters feel about the candidates ahead of that race. A bipartisan poll shows Johnston leading Brough 39% to 34%, but the margin of error is nearly 5%, making this a statistical tie. Also, 27% of voters said they’re still undecided.

Brough talked about that poll and, if elected, how she will tackle all the issues Denver is facing on “Colorado Point of View” this week.

The new poll also showed 34% of voters said crime is the most important issue in the race. Brough said she wants to get the Denver Police Department up to full staff. She also discussed dealing with a rise in gun violence in Denver.

“We’ve seen the buyback strategies, the really trying to address the consequences, the safe storage issues. I think it’s an all of the above strategy, and I think we have to take it seriously when you look at the violence,” Brough said.

Brough also addressed how she would tackle the recent violence near Denver East High School and the controversy of bringing school resources officers back to Denver Public Schools. Brough said the priority is to keep kids and teachers safe.

“Early last fall, when I was meeting in living rooms all over the city, parents and teachers were all saying they would like to see those school resource officers be back in their schools,” Brough said. “I was advocating then that schools who want them be allowed to have them, and I’m working on some strategies where we can actually make sure it happens without negatively impacting the number of officers we have on the street.”

Watch the full interview with Denver mayoral candidate Kelly Brough on “Colorado Point of View” this Saturday at 7:30 p.m. on Channel 2.