DENVER (KDVR) — A proposal to lower property tax increases across Colorado is facing resistance in the courts. Gov. Jared Polis joined “Colorado Point of View” this week to talk about it.

Twelve counties joined Advance Colorado in a lawsuit over the wording of Gov. Jared Polis’ and lawmakers’ proposal, arguing it’s unconstitutional because it does not have a clear title and focuses on multiple issues instead of a single subject.

Democrats argue the plan would save property taxpayers an average of around $1,100 over the next two years, but opponents say it would likely only be a couple hundred dollars.

The proposal will only become law if voters approve Proposition HH this fall. The measure looks to do a number of things, including using TABOR refunds to backfill the losses for certain county services, including school and fire districts.

Douglas County is part of the lawsuit against the state. Lora Thomas, District 3 commissioner, said the cap on county governments means services may need to be scaled back.

Polis: Property tax increases would be a ‘windfall’

Polis commented on the need for relief, saying some of the counties and fire districts are going to do fine, adding: “If property values went up 34% … do you really need 34% more revenue? At some level, that’s a windfall, and I think it makes it hard on homeowners.”

The governor also commented on the last-minute nature of the deal, as the legislation was introduced a week before the end of the legislative session.

He said lawmakers had to wait on property tax estimates.

“So there were broad discretions of a framework for many months with many stakeholders, but there was no way to have an actual proposal until we got those estimates,” Polis said.

Watch the governor’s entire interview on “Colorado Point of View” this Saturday at 7:30 p.m. on Channel 2.