DENVER (KDVR) — Denver declared a state of emergency because of the recent influx of migrants coming from the southern border.

Denver City Councilwoman Robin Kniech talks about the city’s response and why the emergency declaration is needed on “Colorado Point of View” this Sunday morning on Channel 2.

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock now says around 900 migrants have arrived in Denver over the past few months. Two emergency shelters have been set up inside city-owned recreation centers. But Kniech said the city has received little information about when migrants will arrive.

“It would be helpful if we had better predictions of how many people to expect and when to expect them,” Kniech said. “That has not been the case to date. So I think the city does not know what to expect. But that’s the nature of an emergency.”

‘We have an obligation’ to care for the homeless: Kniech

Hancock said the city has spent $800,000 to shelter migrants so far, and that amount is expected to increase. Anchor Matt Mauro asked Kniech if some of those resources to help migrants should go toward helping those already experiencing homelessness in Denver.

“Whether they came from the next street, whether they came from Wheat Ridge or Lakewood, whether they came from Venezuela or Guatemala, they are homeless in your city and they are at risk,” Kniech said. “We have an obligation to make sure they are safe no matter where they come from.”

Watch the full discussion with Kniech about the arrival of hundreds of migrants to Denver this Sunday on “Colorado Point of View” at 7:30 a.m. on Colorado’s Very Own Channel 2.