DENVER (KDVR) — Lawsuits filed in multiple states, including Colorado, look to prevent former President Donald Trump from running for reelection. But the effort could be useless, depending on each state’s Republican Party.

Political analysts discuss Trump’s bid for the presidency on this week’s episode of “Colorado Point of View.”

The Colorado lawsuit argues Trump should not be able to hold public office again, an argument based on a rarely used “insurrection” clause in the 14th Amendment. Trump’s attorneys responded in a Colorado court filing, saying Trump’s comments should be protected by his First Amendment rights.

Is there legal ground for Trump’s 1A claims?

Republican strategist Michael Fields argues there’s no legal ground.

“I think the First Amendment is pretty broad, and it’s going to say you can have, just like Hillary Clinton or anybody else who talks about how bad an election went or Russians stealing it or whatever it is. This happens in politics all the time.”

Democratic strategist Andy Boian agreed.

“Colorado’s Republican Party has said that if he is not on the ballot, they will just forgo the primary and just nominate him elector, so there is a process that you can do that state by state, so even if he’s kept off the ballot, there’s some Republican parties that will nominate him anyway.”

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