DENVER (KDVR) — Gov. Jared Polis is calling lawmakers back to the state Capitol next week to address rising property taxes after Colorado voters shot down Proposition HH.

Republican lawmakers laid out a plan weeks ago, where they urged for a special session ahead of the election.

Lawmakers are offering three alternatives to Prop HH, including tax exemption for seniors and veterans, lowering the residential property assessment rate and changing the way local governments are designated and backfilled for reductions in property tax revenue. A final bill would reduce the state income tax rate to 4%.

Still, Democrats haven’t released their plan to lower property taxes.

Lawmakers are on a tight deadline because tax bills go out in the mail in January. That means mill levies will need to be set by Dec. 15.

How much property tax relief is possible?

Because relief needs to pass soon, Senate Minority Whip Barbara Kirkmeyer said on “Colorado Point of View” this week that Coloradans probably won’t see huge property tax relief.

“Not in this short timeframe, but there still needs to be some property tax relief, and then local governments are going to have to step up and see what they can do to assist Coloradans to ensure that they don’t have such a heavy tax burden,” Kirkmeyer said.

But lawmakers may be able to find a way to extend the initial deadline.

“I think there’s ways to massage those dates and work with counties and the assessors. I used to be a county commissioner for 20 years. This is all doable,” Kirkmeyer said.

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