DENVER (KDVR) — Heidi Ganahl will take on Gov. Jared Polis in the November election after winning the Republican primary.

She spoke with “Colorado Point of View” in a one-on-one interview following her big win. Polls show that Polis is one of the most popular governors in the U.S.

“As I travel the state, I’m hearing a very different story from voters. I don’t think pollsters have their finger on the pulse of Colorado,” Ganahl said on “Colorado Point of View.”

“It’s not a good day in Colorado for a lot of people in our great state,” she said.

Ganahl discusses several issues on Sunday’s program, including gun control, fighting fentanyl and abortion rights.

“I’m pro-life with exceptions for rape, incest and health of the mother,” Ganahl said. “I also don’t believe that law that just passed a few months ago is what the people of Colorado want.”

She said that, despite voters overwhelmingly rejecting a 2020 ballot proposition that would have banned abortion after 22 weeks.

You can see our full interview with Ganahl on “Colorado Point of View” this Sunday at 7:30 a.m. on Colorado’s Very Own Channel 2.