DENVER (KDVR) — The battle over guns is once again heating up at the state Capitol. Several gun control bills introduced by Democrats advanced through the legislature this week, while Republicans vowed to do everything they can to stop them from passing.

State senators from both parties discuss the future of those gun bills and how to prevent gun violence this weekend on “Colorado Point of View.”

Lawmakers advance gun bills in Colorado

Three bills addressing gun control advanced at the state Capitol during a round of Senate committee hearings on Wednesday. A fourth bill, which would create a three-day waiting period to get a gun, passed on Monday. Arguably the most controversial bill, a proposed assault weapons ban, has not been brought to a committee.

Senate President Steve Fenberg, D-Boulder, is one of the main sponsors of a bill to expand Colorado’s red flag law to allow health care providers, educators and district attorneys to file an extreme risk protection order. He said Democrats selected these bills because they believe these are the most effective policies.

“We really looked at it, before we introduced these bills, from a very specific lens: What policies can we introduce and pass right now that can are going to save the most lives? Not on what’s the most popular or what’s going to get passed the easiest,” Fenberg said.

Can lawmakers find common ground on guns?

Senate Assistant Minority Leader Bob Gardner, R-El Paso County, said lawmakers should focus on preventing all types of violence, not just gun violence.

“Are there things that need to be done to address the use of firearms in violence? Yes, and they are mostly around the criminal justice system and taking guns off the street, taking the people who use those guns off the street,” Gardner said.

Both Democrats and Republicans believe they can find common ground on addressing behavioral health.

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