DENVER (KDVR) — This week marks 100 days since the 118th Congress took over in Washington D.C. but one of Colorado’s new representatives may already be on the hot seat. House Republicans are targeting Rep. Yadira Caraveo (D-Colorado) and her seat in Colorado’s competitive 8th Congressional District in 2024.

“Colorado Point of View” talked with Caraveo about Republicans aiming for her seat, and much more this week.

The National Republican Congressional Committee listed Rep. Caraveo’s seat as one of 37 that are “vulnerable” in 2024. Meanwhile the conservative, “American Action Network” launched a campaign a last month pushing the Congresswoman to vote for the House GOP’s “Lower Energy Costs Act,” which would increase domestic oil production, a key industry in the 8th District. She ultimately voted against it.

“But the concentration of lowering costs was not really what was in the bill itself,” Caraveo said. “What they were doing is attacking things and coming at things in a very partisan manner and pretending that while they were protecting jobs that are very important in the 8th district, really dismantling a lot of the environmental protections that we’ve had in recent years, including in the Inflation Reduction Act, that really concentrated on renewable energy.”

The next big item Congress is set to tackle will be the debt ceiling. A House GOP caucus released its priorities to Speaker Kevin McCarthy to pursue in those talks. It includes rescinding unspent COVID-19 money, prohibiting student loan forgiveness and repealing some green tax credits. Caraveo said she is willing to take a look at spending cuts to come to some sort of agreement.

“I think there are a lot of different areas in government where there’s a lot of money that is spent that we need to take a second look at,” Caraveo said. “I’m not willing to base those cuts on the backs of working families. When they talk about cutting Medicare, cutting Medicaid, cutting Social Security, that is something I’m not willing to take a look at.”

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