Editor’s note: The headline of this story has been updated to reflect Harrison’s comments.

DENVER (KDVR) — Democrats in Colorado and across the country believe that their party is gaining momentum going into November. But new inflation numbers out this week could change all that.

This week on “Colorado Point of View,” we speak exclusively with the chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Jaime Harrison, about the economy and how national Democrats are approaching competitive races here in Colorado.

The August Consumer Price Index shows inflation remains stubbornly high, up 8.3% from last year. Despite experts and even other Democrats saying the Inflation Reduction Act will not help reduce inflation in the short term, Harrison said we will see many prices fall soon.

“We’ve now seen gas prices drop for 92 days straight. That’s the longest stretch in gas prices since 2015,” Harrison said. “And we will see through the Inflation Reduction Act, costs that the American people have in terms of healthcare and their prescription drugs, in terms of energy costs, will also go down over the course of the next few weeks, few months, and into next year.”

Harrison also discussed the Democrats’ strategy for close races here in Colorado, including the 7th and 8th Congressional Districts.

You can see the full, exclusive interview with the chairman of the Democratic National Committee on “Colorado Point of View” this Sunday at 7:30 a.m. on Colorado’s Very Own Channel 2.