DENVER (KDVR) — A bill allowing overdose prevention centers has moved forward at the Capitol but it would still need Gov. Jared Polis’ signature and not all lawmakers are on board with the proposal.

“Colorado Point of View” host Matt Mauro spoke with Breeah Kinsella, who is part of the Colorado Providers Association, a group that represents recovery service providers, and state Rep. Gabe Evans on their views of the overdose prevention centers.

“I, personally, and us as a membership, we believe that because overdose prevention centers are an evidence-based strategy in addressing substance abuse disorder and overdose, that’s why we support prevention centers as a whole,” Kinsella said.

Evans is also a former Arvada police officer and said he’s watched a lot of illegal drug deals and doesn’t believe that the users would have the self-control to wait and get to a center to use the drug.

Also this week, the CEO of Denver International Airport was on the hot seat as he is vying for the position of head of the Federal Aviation Administration. “Colorado Point of View” political analysts provide insight on whether or not the White House is playing politics with air travel and air safety.

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