DENVER (KDVR) — State lawmakers reacted to the horrible tragedy in Colorado Springs where a gunman opened fire killing five people and injuring at least 17 others in a gay nightclub on Nov. 19.

Colorado Point of View host Matt Mauro spoke with two lawmakers on opposite sides of the field about the mass shooting.

The state’s first transgender lawmaker spoke about the personal impact the shooting had on her.

“I was angry, I was frightened a bit. As a trans person myself and hearing all the rhetoric and all the different attacks that are happening against people like me, am I going to be a target next?” Democratic Rep. Brianna Titone said.

Republican Rep. Andres Pico from Colorado Springs, who lives about a mile from where the shooting happened at Club Q, said he was very upset and that the act was “totally unjustified.”

Mauro also speaks to Rep. Jason Crow about Colorado’s gun laws and what the next steps are after the tragedy on Colorado Point of View that aired at 7:30 a.m. on Channel 2 Sunday. The full episode can be watched in the player above.