DENVER (KWGN) — It’s only two months into 2023 but some 2024 election races are already heating up.

On “Colorado Point of View” this week, host Matt Mauro explores Adam Frisch’s 2024 campaign for the seat in Colorado’s 3rd District which is currently held by Republican Lauren Boebert.

Just months after Frisch lost to Boebert by a margin of 546 votes, the Western Slope businessman announced that he will run again.

The presidential primary race has another Republican vying for the seat in the White House, which Mauro discusses as well.

“Colorado Point of View” reporter Gabrielle Franklin spoke with Attorney General Phil Weiser about a new measure that looks to cap the interest rates on medical debt.

The full episode aired on Colorado’s Own Channel 2 at 7:30 a.m. Sunday but you can watch the full episode in the player above.