Have you said goodbye to cable or satellite, but want to keep watching FOX31 Denver? Don’t worry, there are still plenty of options.

We’re available on several streaming services. And if you’re looking to get rid of TV bills forever, there are some options for you, too.

The streaming services use geo-location to make sure you’re in the same area that gets KDVR with an antenna or cable. So, if you’re outside the Denver coverage area, you won’t be able to watch. We’ve included links with each listing below, so you can check before singing up.

Here are all the ways you can watch KDVR without cable or satellite:

YouTube TV

Link:  YouTube TV

Channels: KDVR (if you live in the coverage area – click here to check).


Link: atttvnow.com

Channels: KDVR (if you live in the coverage area – click here to check).

Hulu with Live TV

Link: hulu.com/live-tv

Channels: KDVR (if you live in the coverage area – to check, go here and click “View all channels in your area”).


Link: fubo.tv

Channels: KDVR (if you live in the coverage area –  click here to check what’s available where you live).

TV Antenna

How it works: It’s just like how your parents (or grandparents) used to watch, except the picture quality is so much better. You’ll need to buy an antenna (details below) and hook it up to your TV. In many places, you can get KDVR, KWGN, (along with our digital channels Antenna TV, This TV, and Comet TV) and other channels for free in HD.

Channels: It all depends on where you live. Your distance from the transmitter, your elevation, and other factors can affect which channels you get. KDVR & KWGN can be received using an antenna in many places. Use this tool to see the channels you can get where you live.

Cost: Free, after you buy an antenna. Use this tool to help find an antenna that will pick up channels where you live.

Live streaming newscasts

How it works: Both FOX31 and Channel 2 live stream all our local newscasts online and in our app. There’s even a DVR feature so you can watch the latest newscast after it airs. Plus, there’s no location restriction, so you can even watch outside Colorado.

Watch online: KDVR Live Stream | KWGN Live Stream

Get the app: iPhone/iPad | Android

Cost: Free!