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Colorado Songwriting Retreat Featured in New Documentary

UpStream Songwriting Retreat Documentary

'UpStream Songwriting Retreat' documentary is now available to stream for free on the Rocky Mountain Channel.

ESTES PARK, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, November 20, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- This past January, songwriters of all levels and backgrounds came together to create time, space, intention, and community for the UpStream Songwriting Retreat in Estes Park and Lyons, CO. Local filmmaker and longtime employee of Nick Mollé Productions, Sean Doherty, set out to tell the story of this magical gathering of musicians in his new 30-minute documentary that is now available to stream for free on the Rocky Mountain Channel. Through interviews and a “fly on the wall” approach to filmmaking, Sean was able to get to the root of what songwriting and this retreat means to the visiting musicians and songwriting coaches.

“While filming this, I was truly inspired by what I saw through my camera lens - the music, the stories and the amazing group of songwriters that came together this past January to collaborate and form bonds over music. I’m excited to share this wonderful documentary with everyone that I believe artfully explores the creative process of songwriting.” says filmmaker Sean Doherty.

“Sean was able to slip in amongst songwriters and capture raw moments of them bearing their vulnerability. He also knew how to tap into the essence of what songwriting really means to the people who do it and how it extends beyond the writer and act of writing the song. The UpStream Songwriting Retreat is a special communion of songwriters that is difficult to explain to others to convey how incredibly beautiful it is. We finally have this medium to share. It is the closest we can bring people who aren't participants. Sean's process of gathering what he observed without critique, filtering through to find what expressed the story he wanted to share, editing out what didn't serve the telling, then sharing with the world so they can feel something is just like songwriting. Watch this short film, and you will indeed feel something, and maybe if you never wrote a lyric in your life, you will now.” says the organizer and founder of the UpStream Songwriting Retreat, Nadine Sekerez.

‘Upstream Songwriting Retreat’ documentary features interviews and music from Clay Rose (Gasoline Lollipops), Daniel Rodriguez (singer/songwriter and founding member of Elephant Revival), Phoebe Hunt (singer/songwriter and fiddle player), Charlie Rose (producer and member of Elephant Revival), Nadine Sekerez (founder of Upstream Songwriting Retreat, singer/songwriter and member of Lost Penny), Nick Mollé and more.

‘UpStream Songwriting Retreat’ documentary is available to stream for free on the Rocky Mountain Channel. You can find it on the web at www.rockymountainchannel.com or download the app onto your phone or smart TV (Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, and Android TV).

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