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Audigo Adds Patented Automatic Clip Correction to Mobile Recording Platform

Audigo wireless smart microphone and iPhone app

Audigo wireless smart microphone and iPhone app

Mobile-Based Solution Frees Creators to Make Great Sounding Audio and Video Content Anywhere

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 19, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- Audigo, the maker of the Audigo smart microphone and mobile studio app, today announced the release of their patented Automatic Clip Correction audio processing software. The new software for the pocket-size recording studio is the latest in the Company’s commitment to consistently improving their mobile content production platform. Audigo’s seamlessly integrated cloud services, mobile app and smart wireless mics work together to enable effortless creation of great sounding audio and video content by anyone, anywhere, including musicians, podcasters, and creators of all kinds.

When levels are set too high during recording, audio clipping can occur and cause unwanted distortion. With Automatic Clip Correction, the Audigo mic’s onboard software automatically creates four channels of audio input - two each for the two capsules in the microphone. One input records at the level manually set by the user, and the other records at a lower setting. If clipping occurs, the lower gain signal is utilized for just that section. These lower gain sections, which can be as short as 10 milliseconds, are then boosted and smoothed automatically to make the transition between them and the higher gain recordings inaudible, correcting any clipping distortion that otherwise could have been heard in the final recording.

Backup track solutions like this have been done before, but with Audigo’s patented process, software dynamically determines which parts of each signal to save in the final recording - WHILE you are recording. No manual post production is required.

Audigo set out to create a solution that was completely automated, wouldn’t require any post-processing by the user, and honors the dynamics of a recording. Technologies like Automatic Gain Control (AGC) involve heavy-handed, continuous gain adjustments - sacrificing the performance dynamics of the recording. High bit-depth storage (32-bit float) can preserve musical information, but it won’t provide the signal-to-noise ratio benefits of setting an appropriate mic level, nor will it prevent clipping.

“Audigo’s Automatic Clip Correction takes a light touch approach and does it all for you. And in real time,” said Audigo founder and CEO, Armen Nazarian. “We believe it’s only a matter of time before the majority of high-quality audio and video creation goes mobile - and see Audigo as the integrated platform that will enable that transition. Automatic Clip Correction is another step towards that.”

About Audigo Labs
Audigo develops mobile-centric content creation solutions for musicians, podcasters and video creators, delivering effortless functionality through an artfully simple and seamless user experience. Audigo helps creators produce great sounding, spontaneous, and collaborative audio and video content - anytime, anywhere.

Audigo is based in San Francisco, CA. Their team has deep experience delivering consumer facing products at Tesla, Sonos, and Oculus. For more information about Audigo products, please visit www.audigolabs.com.

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