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Slingshot Wins 2023 ACS Regional Industrial Innovation Award

Slingshot: Atlanta premier product development group

Slingshot Product Development Group

Atlanta's Slingshot PDG develops eco-friendly insulating paper, an alternative to non-recyclables.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, September 19, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- Atlanta-based Slingshot Product Development Group has been awarded the 2023 American Chemical Society’s Regional Industrial Innovation Award. This technical award recognizes Slingshot’s achievements in the development of the surface chemistry and application technology for a new thermally insulating paper material. Unlike other insulators, this patented insulating paper can be made on regular machines and is environmentally benign. Insulating paper serves as an alternative to hard-to-recycle insulating materials like bubble wrap, metalized films and polyurethane foams/Styrofoam.

“We are delighted that Slingshot has received this honor from the American Chemical Society,” says Nigel Flynn, CEO of Slingshot PDG. “We hope that the award will shine a light on the technology and the environmental impact that this new approach to temperature-insulating materials can bring”.

Slingshot’s thermally insulating paper, created in partnership with Triple Point Innovations, is also repulpable, biodegradable/biodestructable and low-cost to produce. The perlite-infused material can be corrugated and converted to cardboard boxes for temperature-sensitive items including food and pharmaceuticals. The thermally insulating paper can be produced on more than 10,000 paper machines in operation around the world, offering a quickly scalable packaging solution.

“Our greatest hope is that Triple Point Innovations will achieve rapid market penetration with this transformative technology,” says Taylor Leigh, Principal of Slingshot PDG.

“The chemistry that makes it work is protected by two issued US patents, with additional pending,” adds Jason Lye, VP of Patent Strategy at Slingshot PDG.

As a premier product development group near Atlanta, Slingshot Product Development Group is committed to providing expert craftsmanship, industrial design, science and technology, engineering, and more to transform innovative visions into category-defining, world-changing products.

Learn more at www.slingshotpdg.com or by calling (770) 807-7223.

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