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DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, May 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- In April 2019, AEX Global launched AEX Earn. By April 2022, AEX Global has served safely millions of users for three years. It has accumulatively received more than 59 billion investments by over 13000 users and generated more than 259 million of profits in return.

As an old digital asset exchange established in east Asia in 2013, AEX always advocates safe investment and stable asset appreciation. This principle is fully integrated into the products under AEX's finance. Users can draw interest through staking or lending coins to increase their crypto holdings. DeFi Pool and Staking also help users gain profits. Besides, through ASwap based on AMM, users trade with the liquidity pool to grab rebates. When Dual Investment was launched, users can obtain Token/USDT as returns regardless of the market changes. Instalment can enable users to lock high-value assets such as BTC with a low down payment. It helps users to join investment when they are underfunded.

Fixed and Flexible Savings--convenient and accessible

Fixed savings and flexible savings are the most common methods of wealth management in the crypto industry. After comprehensively reviewing hundreds of exchanges, AEX Global ends up cooperating with the CC Crypto from Switzerland, and Sense from Singapore and built a 7-fold security system to protect users' assets. Several coins including stablecoins and dominant coins are available in the Fixed Savings. Users have multiple durations to choose, and can easily subscribe as they want. Users can choose to transfer their bonds for early redemption if necessary  AEX's professional quantitative organizations can provide our users with higher profits than the traditional financial institutes and other digital assets exchanges in this industry can do, and at the same time assure the security and accessibility.

DeFi Pool--a safe and stable pool aggregator

Plenty of coins including SOL, TLM and ALICE are available in DeFi Pool. AEX will compare all DeFi programs and choose the safest and most profitable ones for users, keeping them out of the risks of complex on-chain mining and guaranteeing their principal. 

As to the widely recognised non-stablecoin programs(such as COMP, CRV, YFV and SUSHI, etc.) examined by the smart contract, AEX Global provides  competitive APR.DeFi Pool is the first to support the stake of some hot coins such as SOL and ALICE.

Without the need to manage private keys, acquire resources, make trades, or perform other complicated tasks required to participate in DeFi Pool. With a simple click, users can participate in DeFi Pool programs without any gas fees and earn high returns easily and safely with the help of AEX.

Staking--break all barriers to staking

Staking comes from the "stake" of "Proof of Stake", meaning the behaviour of the holders staking their coins to vote when the PoS consensus is forming. It is difficult to verify the content packed in each block and to vote for the information, for it requires an excellent computer device and 24-hour node connecting, which is not easy nor sustainable for massive cryptocurrency holders. The dominant POS public chains verify all nodes and holders and set a high thresholds for the nodes, but holders can participate in the verification process and directly obtain dividends via AEX Global.

Cryptos that involve Staking are gaining more popularity and attention, lots of projects are building their own staking system. AEX organized a management group for creating corresponding main nodes, and return the profits to users by interests so as to improve the utilization ratio of users' asstes and create more investment incomes. The yield, locking period and redemption time are up to the mainnet, but Staking on AEX Earn can spare users of complex operation and hardware requirement in building nodes and the process of verifying. Users can participate in staking with only one click and wait for the node production, which is the return interest. The yield will be calculated in a daily basis and the process is quite simple and quick for the users.

Four hot coins are available in Staking now: ATOM, DYDX, BTM, and YOYO.

Dual Investment--fearless in bull or bear market

Dual Investment is an innovative product launched by AEX Global recently, in which incomes will be settled in one of the two coins, maximizing the yields of USDT, BTC and ETH. Regardless of bull or bear market, users can enjoy high APR. The top digital assets exchanges in the world are successively launching the dual investment, to provide high APR for users. Because more exchanges launch the dual investment, the yield will fluctuate with market changes, but in most cases, AEX's Dual Investment is the most profitable among other exchanges.

The advantages of AEX Earn

AEX promises to guarantee users' principal. Despite the high risks of on-chain operation, even the extreme black swan incidents, AEX Global foundation will compensate for all losses.

AEX creates the highest yields in the industry.  The return depends on the daily yields of the program, but even if the actual yield is lower than the promised return, AEX will plug the gap with its own funds.

AEX has been operating for more than 9 years. Providing users with easier and more profitable financial products is what AEX is striving for.

AEX Global now is building a tier-one, secure and reliable, professional and stable leading digital asset management brand with multiple products available to users around the globe. However, AEX will never satisfy. We keep searching and studying new coins with great potential, and new ways of assets increase, to deliver all users with a safe, complete, easy and diversified wealth management service.


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