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  • Llamas behind the Leadville Trail 100 Run

    LEADVILLE, Colo. — The Leadville Trail 100 Run is about to stage its 35th annual race. For the past 30 years, a small group of llamas has played a huge part in making it happen. The so-called “Race Across the Sky” 100-mile run began in 1983. It’s known for the extreme terrain racers must conquer, with elevations of 9,200 and 12,600 feet. It’s an arduous effort for which every finisher is awarded an iconic belt buckle and a lifetime of […]

  • Gov. Hickenlooper says ‘state of health’ is in a state of risk

    DENVER — Four years after its release, Gov. John Hickenlooper’s plan to make Colorado the healthiest state in the nation faces a number of obstacles should the Senate move forward with proposed cuts to health programs. The ambitious plan, “The State of Health: Colorado’s Commitment to become the Healthiest State,” has completed a number of goals that were set in 2013. It includes expanding public and private insurance coverage, closing gaps in access to primary care, and strengthening Colorado’s health […]

  • Third man pleads guilty in attempted robbery, death of Denver taxi driver

    DENVER — The third and final suspect involved in the attempted robbery and deadly shooting of a Denver taxi driver has pleaded guilty to an added count of aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon, the Denver District Attorney’s Office said Monday. Christian Willis was 17 years old on Sept. 5, 2015, when he participated in an attempt to rob 49-year-old Darren Bloomquist. It was during that robbery attempt that Bloomquist was shot and killed. Willis was also facing one count […]

  • Big weekend for movies at box office

    LOS ANGELES — If you sought some relief from the heat in an air conditioned movie theater this weekend, you weren’t alone. The top five movies brought in more than $180 million in ticket sales.  With more than half of that amount going to one film in particular. Here are the five films everyone is talking about this weekend. “Transformers: The Last Night” Falling to fifth place, Mark Wahlberg and his mechanical crew took in $6.3 million for “Transformers: The […]

  • Study: Colorado among top 5 most patriotic states in America

    DENVER — As Colorado prepares to celebrate the nation’s independence, personal finance website WalletHub is giving the Centennial State one more reason to celebrate. The website listed Colorado among the top five most patriotic states in America. The state didn’t gain the honor for setting off the most fireworks or selling the most hot dogs. Instead, Colorado gained notoriety based off of resident’s military and civic engagement. WalletHub ranked military engagement based on the number of Coloradoan’s enlisted, how many […]

  • SBA offers disaster assistance to Denver metro residents affected by hailstorm

    DENVER — It has been called the most expensive hailstorm in Colorado’s history. Insurance losses are estimated to reach more than $1.4 billion from the hailstorm that swept the metro area on May 8. The most expensive hailstorm before then was the $1.1 billion storm of July 11, 1990. Now that Gov. John Hickenlooper has declared the hailstorm a disaster, the U.S. Small Business Administration is able to offer low-interest federal disaster loans to businesses and residents affected in the […]

  • CDOT’s Bustang service joins forces with Greyhound

    DENVER — Greyhound and Bustang are joining forces in a new ticketing agreement the Colorado Department of Transportation has made to give its passengers more travel options. CDOT announced Tuesday that passengers with a Bustang ticket will soon be allowed to use that same ticket on a Greyhound bus. The goal is to allow Bustang riders easier access to other national destinations, while also allowing Greyhound the ability to offer rides to smaller Colorado destinations such as Monument, Loveland and […]

  • Golden police revving up enforcement of illegal vehicle exhaust systems

    GOLDEN, Colo. — It’s those cars that always seem to drive through a neighborhood late in the evening, rattling the walls and leaving a block of barking dogs in their wake. These vehicles with illegal exhaust systems have had their mufflers modified to make more noise as they drive. Essentially defeating the purpose of a muffler. These disruptions have become particularly exhausting for residents in Golden, where drivers on Lookout Mountain Road can see more than 1,000 vehicles in the […]

  • Officer removes large snake from Westminster home

    WESTMINSTER, Colo. — The thread on the Westminster Police Department’s Facebook page quickly turned into a “best caption contest” Friday after the department posted a picture of one of its officers holding a large snake. The post said in part “you never really know what calls your shift is going to bring you. In this case, it was investigating an unwanted trespasser on a citizen’s property. The sssuspect was taken into custody … and safely relocated to some nearby open […]

  • Total solar eclipse stamps change to moon from heat of fingers

    DENVER — Finally, a postage stamp fit for the 1980s angst of singer Bonnie Tyler and her broken-hearted ballad, “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” Only, in this case, it’s a total eclipse of the sun — with just the touch of a finger. The stamp changes from an image of the total eclipse into the moon from the heat of a finger. Once cooled, the image returns to that of the total eclipse. The total eclipse of the sun forever […]

  • UPS delivery fees increasing for holiday season

    DENVER — UPS announced Monday that a new peak charge will be applied during selected weeks in November and December. The charges will apply to U.S. residential, large packages and packages over maximum limits. Residential deliveries will go up 27 cents between Nov. 19 and Dec. 2. as well as Dec. 17-23. That fee will go up between 81 cents and 97 cent on all overnight, second- or third-day residential deliveries, also from Dec. 17-23. If a package is oversized, meaning […]

  • TSA tests fingerprint technology at DIA

    DENVER — Don’t be surprised if the next trip through security at Denver International Airport means using a new biometric fingerprint scanner. DIA is one of two airports in the country conducting a proof-of-concept demonstration with the devices to see how well they work in speeding up security screenings. The technology is in the Transportation Security Administration Precheck line. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the other airport trying out the technology. Much like using a thumbprint to access an iPhone, […]

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