Pinpoint Weather Alert Day: Snow continues for the Friday morning commute

Telling stories is something I’ve loved since I was a kid. I’d enter storytelling contests and also enjoyed experimenting with cameras (I’d collect them out of trash that was collected by Uncle Bear who drove the trash truck!).

I figured since I liked telling stories and cameras, becoming a reporter would suit me well. Ever since then, I’ve been meeting some of the most interesting people in the world and helping tell their stories.

My curiosity has taken me into wild hurricanes, the death chamber, the White House, blizzards, firestorms and some of the coolest neighborhoods across the country. Living in Denver has been a lifelong goal. The people, bike paths, mountains and weather are just awesome. Thank you for taking time to read my bio.

Please let me know if you have a story idea:

Recent Articles
  • Colorado Springs man has frostbitten legs amputated after getting lost on 14er

    COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A Colorado Springs man had to have his legs amputated below the knee after he suffered extreme frostbite while climbing a 14,232-foot peak. Nick Noland reached the summit of Mount Shavano near Salida on Tuesday and began climbing down. While descending the 14er, Noland — an experienced climber — mistakenly went off the main trail. “My feet had started to go numb. I loosened up the laces on my shoes to free circulation and I didn’t […]

  • Furnace not working properly? Technicians recommend checking filters

    DENVER — Amid record-breaking cold, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) companies in the Denver area have been inundated with calls for help. Ana Hernandez called Unique Heating and Air Conditioning Wednesday because her furnace was not working properly. “This morning, I was about to cry because it was, like, freezing,” Hernandez said. HVAC technician Julio Garza responded. “When it starts to hit below 10 degrees, we’re usually busy throughout the night, even,” Garza said. Upon examining Hernandez’s furnace, Garza […]

  • Teen with leukemia hoping to meet his Broncos heroes

    DENVER — If there were ever a die-hard Broncos fan, it would be 17-year-old Richie Medina. “I’ve always been a fan. Like in my whole family, we would just get ready for the Broncos games,” he said. Until recently, Medina would spend game days at home with his family. However, that tradition ended earlier this month when he was diagnosed with leukemia and admitted to Children’s Hospital Colorado. “At that time, I was scared. I really was. And I was […]

  • SUV with dog inside stolen in downtown Denver; family offers $1,000 reward

    DENVER — An SUV with a dog inside was stolen off a downtown Denver street on Monday. The dog’s owners are now offering a $1,000 reward for her safe return. Shane Meronk was working downtown when he parked his black 2008 Honda CR-V on Lawrence Street. He says he went inside a business for a minute and left Lily, his 1-year-old Brittany, in the SUV. When he returned, the vehicle was gone. “I looked up and my car was gone. […]

  • Colorado Marine struck, killed by car while trying to help people on roadside

    COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Just after sunset Tuesday, the jet carrying the body of Marine Cpl. Erin Rachel Lillyfogle arrived at the Colorado Springs Airport. Lillyfogle, 23, was from Colorado Springs. Six Marines carried the flag-draped casket from the plane. Lillyfogle’s family was standing nearby. On Oct. 11, she was fatally struck by a car while trying to help someone involved in a previous crash near Charleston, South Carolina. Lillyfogle earned the National Defense Service Medal and the Global War […]

  • Student mural at East High School offering commentary on racism sparks mixed reactions

    DENVER — A student art project at Denver’s East High School contains photos of people wearing blackface. Some parents are asking that it be taken down, but others say it will spark important conversations. When the mural first went up at the school some students said they didn’t know what to think. At the bottom of the mural, there are four stock photos of people in blackface and a message saying “Imitation is not always flattering.” “At first it did […]

  • Denver 3-year-old with autism is beating the odds with help from Firefly

    DENVER– A 3-year-old Denver boy has been waiting for a year to get into a school for children with autism. The waiting list is long and the rate of children being diagnosed with autism is now at an all-time high. When he was one month old, Luciano Espinoza Pagliasotti was a cute, happy baby boy. He had a calm smile on his first Christmas and at nine months, he was already a real showboat. But at 16 months, everything changed. […]

  • Denver Bicycle Cafe says expensive lease, nearby construction among reasons for closure

    DENVER — The Denver Bicycle Cafe and Tandem Bar in Uptown Denver will close at the end of October. Its owners say the closure is largely due to their expensive lease and nearby construction. For the last eight years, the establishments on East 17th Avenue near North Lafayette Street have become popular. “It’s a huge spot that I think is going to be missed in general,” said customer David Bencomo. Co-owner Jessica Caouette says the closure is devastating. “We do […]

  • Volunteers help Englewood man after home is trashed by squatters

    ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — Volunteers helped an Englewood man clean and make repairs to his home after it was trashed by squatters. Brad Trouth’s house along South Logan Street has been torn up and was filled with piles of junk and trash. The 63-year-old says he has skin cancer and a history of heart attacks, which limits his mobility. He says people showed up offering to help and refused to leave until recently. On Friday, volunteers worked to clear the debris […]

  • Neighbors help Englewood man whose house was taken over by squatters

    ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — An Englewood man is fighting to take his home back from squatters. Brad Trouth’s house along South Logan Street has been torn up and is filled with piles of junk and trash. The 63-year-old says he has skin cancer and a history of heart attacks, which limits his mobility. He says people showed up offering to help and did not leave. “They said I’d have to evict them. They were quoting laws that I needed to evict […]

  • Thornton PD seeks driver who hit disabled man, fled

    THORNTON, Colo. — A Thornton family is asking for the public’s help finding the driver who struck and seriously injured a disabled man. A blue Ford F-150 struck Timothy Berglund, 63, at West 84th Avenue and Huron Street about 12:30 a.m. on Sept. 21. Video from surveillance cameras shows Berglund being hit and thrown into the air. He has a head injury, broken leg and shattered pelvis. His sister, Diana Berglund, says he has multiple sclerosis. Timothy is still in […]

  • Longmont police save 3 lives in 5 days

    LONGMONT — Quick-thinking police officers in Longmont are being credited with saving three lives in just five days. One officer said he’s used the opiate reversal drug to save several lives. If there’s anyone who knows about how to use naloxone, commonly known by the brand name “Narcan,” in Longmont, it’s officer Walter Arvisais. Arvisais saved a 34-year-old woman’s life six days ago with a dose of the opiate reversal drug naloxone. “She was laying in the hallway up against […]

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