Don’t eat any romaine lettuce due to E. coli outbreak, CDC warns
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Telling stories is something I’ve loved since I was a kid. I’d enter storytelling contests and also enjoyed experimenting with cameras (I’d collect them out of trash that was collected by Uncle Bear who drove the trash truck!).

I figured since I liked telling stories and cameras, becoming a reporter would suit me well. Ever since then, I’ve been meeting some of the most interesting people in the world and helping tell their stories.

My curiosity has taken me into wild hurricanes, the death chamber, the White House, blizzards, firestorms and some of the coolest neighborhoods across the country. Living in Denver has been a lifelong goal. The people, bike paths, mountains and weather are just awesome. Thank you for taking time to read my bio.

Please let me know if you have a story idea:

Recent Articles
  • Town of Frederick healing after tragedy

    FREDERICK, Colo. — In the town of Frederick, one woman told FOX31, “… lots of people were crying…” during the Watts sentencing Monday. Many were watching the hearing when the family of the murdered mother spoke and it was,quite frankly, hard to watch, they say. It’s something townspeople say they won’t forget. Moving on though, they tell us is tough. But in a town hit hard with a tragic loss, signs of resilience shine through. It’s a community that’s growing, […]

  • Forest service in Larimer County to start work designed to slow spread of wildfires

    LARIMER COUNTY, Colo. — The Colorado State Forest Service  in Larimer County says it will soon begin work to help prevent fires from spreading so quickly – should one break out. The hope is to prevent fires like the ones in California from spreading so quickly. The whole idea is to give firefighters the best chance of slowing a wildfire. This area where the work will be done is in Larimer County which is home to the devastating high park […]

  • Wildlife officers forced to euthanize bull elk in Boulder neighborhood

    BOULDER, Colo. — Parks and Wildlife officers were called to a busy street in Boulder Wednesday after getting reports of an elk in trouble. These types of wild animals sometimes avoid human populations. But this one didn’t. And officers soon found out why. The huge bull elk which, was supposed to weigh 800 pounds, only weighed 650. Right away – people in the Boulder neighborhood knew something wasn’t right. Brian Bishop said the elk’s “ribs were showing and (it) was trying […]

  • Fire erupts at Weld County oil site while employees worked on it

    WELD COUNTY, Colo. — It happened again. Another fire in Weld County. This one east of Windsor. It happened a few miles from Megan Meyer’s home. “When I heard about it I Immediately drove home because I wanted to see if my roommates had been evacuated.” A tank at a Noble Energy site caught fire while crews worked to cap a 15-year-old well. Windsor Severance Fire Crews put it out quickly. Windsor Severance Fire Rescue Battalion Chief Todd Vess said, […]

  • Colorado veteran severely injured in skiing accident

    A Colorado veteran, and mother of a two-year-old boy, underwent a second surgery Monday after a skiing accident over the weekend. Doctors are saying it’s a miracle Sara Singleton was not paralyzed after tumbling down the slope. Her mother, Cindy Singleton flew in from Tampa to be with her daughter. She told us her daughter is a “single mom working full time, going to school full time and wanted to go ski for the day.” But then, the unexpected happened. […]

  • California massacre has Colorado lawmakers looking at ‘red flag’ laws

    DENVER — The shooting in California is on a lot of people’s minds. That’s especially true for lawmakers who say they will once again consider ‘red flag laws’ in Colorado. They’ve tried to pass the gun legislation before, but failed. Lawmakers told us Thursday it is one of their top priorities. It was the Aurora theater shooting that prompted Tom Sullivan to fight for red flag laws. Sullivan’s son, Alex, was killed in the massacre. “It became  my responsibility to make […]

  • What happens if Proposition 112 passes

    If 112 passes, there are lots of questions about what’ll happen next. The Proposition would require oil and gas companies to maintain a minimum distance of 2,500 feet when drilling new wells. There would be many details to work out. Propositions after all can be shaped by the state legislature. Since 112 is a proposition – if passed by voters – the legislature can tweak it. They can make all kinds of changes. Norman Provizer is a political science professor […]

  • Denver Fashion Week begins with veteran-turned-designer headlining first show

    DENVER — Post Traumatic Stress Disorder was haunting Duane Topping, a veteran who served in Iraq. He said sewing and fashion helped him escape a world of darkness and anger associated with the mental illness. Organizers selected Topping to showcase his designs at the Lumenati in northeast Denver Sunday night. It is the opening show for Denver Fashion Week. “To be here is such a tremendous accomplishment. When we first started in fashion, this was the first show we’d ever […]

  • CU Boulder fraternity ordered to cease all activities during investigation

    BOULDER, Colo. — A fraternity at the University of Colorado in Boulder appears to be the center of an investigation after five women claim they were drugged at off-campus parties in October. It’s not clear what, if any, connection the drugging of those women has to do with Sigma Pi Fraternity, but the frat has been told to halt all activities. The Sigma Pi Fraternity said it is  conducting its own investigation and is cooperating with police. Student Olivia Morton […]

  • Marijuana grow house wins legal battle that potentially could have impacted industry

    DENVER — The owner of a marijuana grow house has won a court battle to stay in business after being sued by neighbors claiming the smell of weed was too much to handle. The showdown took place at the federal courthouse in Denver. The owners of a horse ranch in Pueblo County were going after a grow house they say not only smelled bad, but was hurting the value of their property. The federal jury sided with Canna Craft Grow […]

  • Places of worship must be prepared for attacks, local self-defense expert says

    DENVER — After the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh, one local self-defense expert says even churches must prepare for the worst. Jimmy Graham, the director of Advanced Training  at the Active Shooter Response Training Center in Centennial says, “Start with your plan and make it realistic and easy to understand.” Places of worship – Graham says – must be prepared for attacks. “What we do is we give you six different areas where you have options and if you don’t know […]

  • Son of dead immigrant encouraging people to vote

    COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — For several hours a day Diamond Kobylinski crisscrosses Colorado Springs. Diamond Kobylinski says “I’m just going around knocking on doors helping them to remember to vote.” The 18-year-old works for the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition. Kobylinski consider canvassing to be a calling. He says his father was an undocumented immigrant from Honduras who was killed after being deported to his homeland which is why the images of immigrants marching to US Border break his heart. While […]