Telling stories is something I’ve loved since I was a kid. I’d enter storytelling contests and also enjoyed experimenting with cameras (I’d collect them out of trash that was collected by Uncle Bear who drove the trash truck!).

I figured since I liked telling stories and cameras, becoming a reporter would suit me well. Ever since then, I’ve been meeting some of the most interesting people in the world and helping tell their stories.

My curiosity has taken me into wild hurricanes, the death chamber, the White House, blizzards, firestorms and some of the coolest neighborhoods across the country. Living in Denver has been a lifelong goal. The people, bike paths, mountains and weather are just awesome. Thank you for taking time to read my bio.

Please let me know if you have a story idea:

Recent Articles
  • Tampon taxes to be eliminated in Denver

    DENVER — The City Council is expected to eliminate sales taxes on all Feminine Hygiene Products at its next Council Meeting. Currently, there is a 4.31% sales tax on things like Tampons, sanitary napkins, pantyliners, menstrual sponges and cups. Those who support repealing the tax say it is unfair. Menstruation, they say, is not a choice, but a bodily function. Washington DC and 16 state have instituted exemptions for the products. Under the proposal in Denver, the products would still […]

  • Hugo hospital activates emergency blizzard protocol

    HUGO, Colo. — People in Lincoln County are being told to brace for the worst as a blizzard moves into the area Wednesday. Emergency workers expect the community to be without power for hours. The sheriff’s office expects to make rescues up and down Interstate 70. “Visibility is going to be zero. Travel is going to be almost impossible. So we are wanting to make sure people are not stranded on our roadways,” said Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Michael […]

  • Ranchers brace for blizzard heading to Colorado

    ELBERT COUNTY, Colo. — Ranchers on the plains are bracing for the blizzard expected to move through Colorado this week. The winds that howl across the plains here are no stranger to the folks at the Abbot Ranch, just outside Kiowa in Elbert County. But now, blizzard like conditions are in the forecast and owner Cevey Pennington is bracing for the worst. His job before the storm is to protect his herd of cattle. Pennington said, “The wind is huge. […]

  • Avalanche concerns grow as more snow is expected

    There are growing avalanche concerns in the mountains as another round of storms are expected to move in, bringing yet more snow. Taking advantage of clear weather, a CDOT helicopter dropped explosive charges into three spots along I-70 between Frisco and Copper Mountain on Sunday. CDOT said they were attempting mitigation efforts before another blast of snow moves in. That’s why concern is growing with Colorado avalanches now being called extremely dangerous, unprecedented and unpredictable. Colorado Avalanche Information Center Director […]

  • Avalanche safety class draws large crowd in Frisco

    FRISCO, Colo. — A few days after there were several avalanches in Colorado’s mountains, people packed a safety class in Frisco. About 150 people signed up for the class at the Epic Mountain Gear shop. Breckenridge Ski Patrol’s Hunter Mortensen spoke about the dangers of avalanches. He encouraged people who participate in snow-related sports to follow a safety checklist closely. The seasoned avalanche expert also encouraged people to have the right emergency equipment and hope they never have to use […]

  • Red Flag Law moves closer to becoming official

    WELD COUNTY, Colo. — Colorado’s Red Flag law has moved one step closer to becoming official in the state. It would give law enforcement officers the authority to remove firearms from people who are either considered dangerous to themselves or others. But Weld County Commissioners are considering a resolution that would make the jurisdiction a Second Amendment Sanctuary County. Supporters of the Red Flag Law say it will help save lives. But Commissioners in Weld County say it’s unconstitutional. Gunny […]

  • New plan proposed for ‘Colfax Clover’ at Federal Boulevard

    DENVER — A Denver neighborhood has big dreams for the future of what is known as the Colfax Clover, where West Colfax Avenue and Federal Boulevard intersect. It’s described by some residents as a deadly intersection and they are hoping talk of building an “elevated” park there comes true. One pedestrian we talked who identified himself as Patrick said rush hour can be dangerous due to the interchange’s design. “The drivers and the motorists over here in the far lane, […]

  • Methodist church strengthens bans against gay clergy, same-sex marriages

    DENVER — The future of the Methodist church is up in the air after a controversial vote Tuesday, and Denver pastor is speaking out. The church voted to move forward to strengthen a plan that prohibits gay and lesbian clergy, and same-sex marriages. A ban had already been in place for decades. We are told the latest vote tightens up the rules. Most Methodist churches in the United States were OK with inclusion. However, that was not the case with other […]

  • Investigators to search Fountain landfill for Kelsey Berreth’s remains

    FOUNTAIN, Colo. — Officials investigating the disappearance and suspected death of Kelsey Berreth will begin searching a landfill in Fountain beginning Tuesday. According to the Woodland Park Police Department, its detectives and other law enforcement officials will conduct the search at Midway Landfill. WPPD said the search is anticipated to last between 16 and 80 days. Berreth, of Woodland Park, was allegedly killed by her fiance, Patrick Frazee.The body of Berreth, a 29-year-old flight instructor and the mother of Frazee’s […]

  • Experts provide advice after Denver woman learns she owes $8K in taxes

    DENVER — A Denver woman is sharing her story about owing the government more than $8,000 in taxes even though she received a refund last year. Isadora Bielsky has done her own taxes for years. When she saw she owed $8,000, she thought she did something wrong. “I go back, I check all the numbers. Nope! That’s real. We owe more than $8,000 and I started to cry,” said Bielsky. Last year, she received a $3,600 refund. Bielsky says she […]

  • Arvada parents plea for help finding missing son

    ARVADA, Colo. — Two parents from Arvada are asking the public to help them find their missing son. Jacob Paddock Weeks, who is in his early 20s, crashed his white Dodge Ram into a guard rail on Feb. 2. The crash happened on Highway 285 in Indian Hills. Weeks’ family has not seen him since. Witnesses report they saw Weeks running from the crash. “It’s just been real painful,” said Jacob’s father, George Weeks. “You’re scared, you’re mad, you don’t […]

  • Pedestrian hit by vehicle speaks out for crosswalk

    AURORA, Colo. — The push for a crosswalk at a deadly stretch of road in Aurora is continuing. Dante Garcia, 24, was hit by a vehicle at East Iliff Avenue and South Vaughn Way five years ago. “I just closed my eyes just to wait and see to the outcome or what would happen … and I felt my body ripping around and then I finally hit the ground,” said Garcia, speaking about the accident for the first time. Garcia […]

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