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  • Family of boy with rare condition who is ‘turning into stone’ is desperate for miracle

    DENVER -– One family says they are running out of time and options to help their son who suffers from a debilitating and rare skin condition. Jaiden Rogers is slowly turning into stone. Jaiden and his family are desperate for a miracle. They say they have only one option left, traveling out of the country to seek treatment for Jaiden. They have established a GoFundMe page to raise money for his medical and travel expenses. We first brought you the […]

  • Lawyers cash in on mayor’s security-detail harassment suits

    DENVER — Outside law firms billed the city of Denver $182,305.82 to help Mayor Michael Hancock’s office settle a pair of lawsuits filed by members of his security detail. The amount was unknown to taxpayers until Thursday. The costs are in addition to a $200,000 settlement given to former Denver police officer Wayne McDonald in 2016. He sued the city in 2013 after the mayor fired him for allegedly sexually harassing another member of his staff, Leslie Branch-Wise. That figure […]

  • Man arrested for 2015 death of wife

    DENVER — A father and husband has been arrested for the death of his wife in 2015, the Denver Police Department said. Police arrested Robert Feldman on Tuesday on the mysterious death of his wife Stacy Feldman. Nearly three years ago, Stacy Feldman was found submerged in the bathtub of their Denver home. The autopsy report did not conclude how Feldman died on March 1, 2015. “Given the information available to us at this time, it is our opinion that […]

  • Patient, therapist fight together to help those suffering from misdiagnosed disease

    DENVER — A Colorado man has been living with pain for several years, but today he finds the strength to fight the good fight. “You know, I used to box when I was younger and so I thought this would be like riding a bike. It’s taken time to build up to it, to be able to stand there and go at it,” Chris Gauntt said. It’s something Gauntt didn’t know if he’d be able to do again. “That might […]

  • Colorado boy battling rare skin condition that is turning him to ‘stone’

    CENTENNIAL, Colo. -– A Colorado family is searching for answers for their son who suffers from a debilitating and rare skin condition. So rare, only 40 other cases have ever been reported. Jaiden Rogers is slowly turning into stone. For years, Jaiden has seen many doctors and by now you would think someone would be able to help him. “People don’t get it, mainly because people don’t know what it is, no one has ever heard of it,” said his […]

  • Some use Salvation Army donation center to get rid of trash

    DENVER — Donation center or trash pile?  It’s hard to say if you watch recent surveillance camera video from the Salvation Army’s drop-off location on North Broadway. “Mattresses with no other purpose. They’ve been so destroyed. Televisions with holes right through them. Furniture that’s falling apart. We’ve seen the worst of it,” said Lt. Allison Struck, director of special services at the Denver Salvation Army. Surveillance camera video shows dirty old mattresses dumped, old broken-down TVs, too.  Items left not […]

  • New tool tests for drugs in fingernail clippings

    DENVER — The new tool to test for drugs and alcohol in children and teenagers is right at your fingertips. “Kids aren’t honest. Parents don’t know what’s going on”, said Mary Simon, who works with at-risk kids. By clipping a person’s fingernails, they can test them for drug and alcohol abuse.  The test can test for five basic drugs: alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines and opiates. Just 10 clippings the width of a quarter can give counselors and parents a three-month […]

  • Cmdr. Scott Wegscheider receiving dialysis treatment at hospital.

    Commander gets kidney donated by fellow Brighton police officer

    BRIGHTON, Colo. — In July, Brighton police Cmdr. Scott Wegscheider was battling kidney disease. Brighton police Officer Nick Struck was watching the news program with his wife and “she just made the off-hand comment, ‘Oh, you should go get tested.’” Wegscheider was in search for a kidney, but his search had been unsuccessful because of his 6-foot-4 stature. “Quite a few people went and the problem we had is that the size, they weren’t tall enough and that’s been our […]

  • Nine apps every parent needs to know to keep track of what kids are doing online

    DENVER — We showed you the code, the acronyms that teens are texting to hide things from their parents. But, are you looking in the right place for your teen’s online conversations? In a world of apps, tablets and smartphones, it can be tough to keep up, but our kids are there, just ask 12-year-old Maddie Hayes. “Instagram is big at my school, also like texting … just communicating.” As parents we have no choice, we need to be onboard. […]

  • 5 credit cards you should have in order to earn thousands in travel rewards

    DENVER — If you’re like most people, credit card rewards points are usually just an after-thought.  But, what if we told you, you could go to Rome, business class for two by cashing in just over $1,000 in points? You could also stay in a grand suite at the Brown Palace, just by opening a credit card. Jason Steele, Senior Points and Miles Contributor with The Points Guy does just that.  “Our travel budget for the year is sometimes $1,000 […]

  • Caller ID spoofing apps make it possible to make calls as … anyone

    DENVER — Stayc Lafean just opened her brand new company, Front Range Towing and Recovery in Colorado Springs a few months ago.  So, you can imagine her delight when right away the phones were ringing off the hook. Stayc recalls, “I can tell you how many times I just wanted to throw the phone over the cliff …ha ha ha.” However, there was just one problem … no one was calling to have their car towed. “We just started getting […]

  • Acroynyms kids use every parent should know

    Codes and acronyms kids use online every parent needs to know

    DENVER — In a world ruled by smartphones and tablets, our kids often use them more than we do.  But, do you know the language of the social media world? Did you even know there are acronyms and codes that your kids may be using online, codes that are often designed to hide stuff from you? For any busy family, keeping up with the kids and work and life can be a lot.  But, a new challenge has emerged, staying […]