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  • Meet the cousin of the Turducken: the Swineapple

    Burgers, hot dogs, and brats, move aside: there’s a flashier item in town for grill masters and Pinterest fiends everywhere this summer. It’s called the Swineapple — a recipe that’s blowing up online. We’re hearing that it was first posted on Facebook by a guy named Josh Bush from LaPorte, Texas, and since then, it’s inspired many others to make their own versions, including the photos you see here from the blog Gusface Grillah. It’s become the most-shared recipe on […]

  • Brace yourselves: Chipotle is finally testing queso

    DENVER — It’s something many Chipotle fans have asked for for years, and now, Chipotle has finally answered. The Denver-based chain has come out with its own queso recipe and is testing it in New York. According to Business Insider and VICE, Chipotle previously refused to sell queso because it is traditionally made with several artificial ingredients, and Chipotle’s shtick is it uses natural ingredients only. However, the chain apparently has figured out how to make all-natural queso, and it […]

  • Clif Bars recalled because of possible nuts in products

    WASHINGTON — Three Clif Bar products are being recalled because of the possible presence of undeclared peanuts and some tree nuts in the products, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced Thursday. “Clif Bar discovered this issue when it received a small number of consumer complaints alleging peanut or tree nut allergic reactions,” the announcement said. “There are no confirmed illnesses associated with this recall.” Clif Bar & Co. is recalling Clif Builder’s Bar Chocolate Mint flavor, Clif Kid Zbar […]

  • ‘Smishing’ scams target text messages

    NEW YORK — More scammers are ditching email for fraudulent text messages in a rising scam called smishing. Cybersecurity experts say crooks are turning to text messaging because they realize more people are wising up to suspicious emails, whereas more people trust text messages. Scammers are pretending to be banks, service providers,  grocery stores and more — sending people text messages with a link to try to get victims to click on it and type in sensitive information. Experts say […]

  • Forget Greek yogurt, French yogurt is the new trend

    First there was regular yogurt. Then came trendier items like Go-Gurt, Fro-Yo, Greek Yogurt — and now there’s a new competitor on the shelves: French Yogurt. In an attempt to revitalize declining sales, General Mills has introduced a new Yoplait line called “Oui”, the French word for “yes.” It’s not clear whether the yogurt actually has any roots in France, or whether it’s just a nod to Yoplait’s French roots, but the recipe is inspired by one of the company’s […]

  • Couple loves Taco Bell so much, they got married there

    LAS VEGAS — When you think of the perfect wedding, it often comes down to the details: The flowers, the dress, the venue, the food. Taco Bell probably doesn’t come to mind when you’re planning out your special day — but for one couple, their perfect wedding was all about the fast food chain. Dan Ryckert and Bianca Monda from New York beat out 150 other couples to win a contest for an all-expenses paid trip and wedding at Taco […]

  • Hungry bear trashes car in Aspen

    ASPEN, Colo. — The Aspen Police Department posted photos showing what happened after a hungry bear wandering around the area discovered an unlocked Lexus. The bear opened the door, climbed inside, and then somehow closed the door. While rooting around in the car and trying to find a way out, it destroyed the interior. Plus, police said, it left behind three piles of feces. Police say eventually the bear figured out the right lever to let itself out. It is […]

  • Cheyenne Mountain Zoo welcomes newborn lynx kittens

    COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Staff at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo are welcoming a new litter of Canada lynx kittens. The four kittens were born May 6 to mom Migina. Zookeepers say she’s a protective and aware mom who’s taking great care of her babies. This is Migina’s third litter. Keepers also say the kittens are already learning to walk but in doing so, are stumbling a bit on their big feet. The kittens won’t be officially on display to the public […]

  • Alamo Drafthouse announces women-only screenings of ‘Wonder Woman’

    DENVER — The movie “Wonder Woman” is slated to be one of the summer’s biggest blockbusters when it comes to theaters next month. In honor of the movie, Austin, Texas-based Alamo Drafthouse announced a series of women-only screenings, including in Denver. And it has upset some male customers. The first screening was announced on Twitter at one of the Austin locations. Okay ladies, now let's get in formation. Tickets: — Alamo Drafthouse ATX (@drafthouse) May 24, 2017 It wasn’t […]

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