Rogelio Mares

Rogelio Mares is a proud journalist and storyteller and excited to be part of the team at FOX31 and Channel 2!

He came to Denver eager to learn about the great stories the city and all of Colorado have to offer.

Along with him came his vest, which has more than 20 pockets full of exactly what he needs to tell your story.

No story is too big or too small for him, he’s covered it all: Presidential campaigns, NBA Championships (Go Spurs Go), natural disasters, immigration & border issues.

Previously, Rogelio was a reporter in Arizona, Virginia, Louisiana, Florida and Texas, the last of which is home for him.

Born and raised in San Antonio to Rogelio and Virginia (family is a VERY important fixture in his life), Rogelio is a proud Texan but he’s ready to put some roots down in the mountains!

Rogelio enjoys coffee, comic books, grilling in the sun, hiking, reading, photography and video production.

Send him a message at or reach him on social media if you have a good story to tell!

Facebook: Rogelio Mares FOX31
Twitter: RogelioMaresIII
Instagram: rogeliograms.

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