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Rob Low is an investigative reporter with the FOX31 Problem Solvers.

He’s an Emmy Winning Storyteller who has covered a little bit of everything in 20-plus years of reporting.

He’s a Denver native who’s thrilled to call the Mile High City home again after crisscrossing the country.

He began as a weekend weather man in Grand Junction, Colo. Reporting stints followed in Fort Myers, Fl, New Orleans, LA, and Kansas City, Mo.

Rob likes to bike, play basketball (poorly) and explore new places with his family. He loves to tell unusual stories you won’t see anywhere else.

As an investigative reporter he has more time to dig through tips, so don’t hesitate to send him story ideas.


Recent Articles
  • The scent of death: Police dogs and the Chris Watts investigation

    FREDERICK, Colo. — K-9 experts say a cadaver dog may have provided detectives their most important clue in the Chris Watts homicide investigation. Investigators in Frederick, Colorado aren’t saying how they got Chris Watts to confess Wednesday but Weld County prosecutors have revealed Watts’ wife Shanann and two daughters were killed inside their home. On Tuesday morning, K-9 search teams were seen going in and out of the Watts home while Chris Watts was providing interviews to the media. Bret […]

  • Body camera video released of Denver mayor’s son threatening officer

    AURORA, Colo. — The body camera video recording of the son of Denver Mayor Michael Hancock using a gay slur and threatening an Aurora police officer has been released. Jordan Hancock, 22, was pulled over March 23 for going 65 mph in a 40 mph zone. Almost immediately, he is belligerent toward officer Paul McClendon even though Hancock is caught driving without his  license. After being told by the mayor’s son to hurry up and write a ticket , McClendon responds, […]

  • Murdered by mistake: Was wrong prosecutor targeted?

    DENVER — A retired detective tells the FOX31 Problem Solvers the 2008 murder of a local prosecutor is why the the El Paso District Attorney Dan May has never prosecuted anyone for the 2013 assassination of Tom Clements, the Colorado Department of Corrections director at the time. “I think it has to do with the Sean May murder,” said Mark Pfoff, who retired in 2014 but worked the Tom Clements case as a detective for the El Paso County Sheriff’s […]

  • Aurora officer who shot armed homeowner was involved in deadly motel shooting in June

    AURORA, Colo. — The officer who shot and killed an armed homeowner early Monday morning was the same one who killed a suspect in a shooting in June, the Aurora Police Department said Wednesday. The officer, who has not been identified because of threats that reportedly have been received, was placed on desk duty after the shooting at the Biltmore Motel at 8900 E. Colfax Ave. Three officers pursued a suspect after arriving to a report of shots fired at […]

  • Video supports evidence of conspiracy in killing of Colorado prison chief Tom Clements

    DENVER — New video supports a retired El Paso County detective who said the 2013 assassination of Colorado prison chief Tom Clements was a murder-for-hire. No one disputes Evan Ebel shot and killed Tom Clements by posing as a pizza delivery man, but there is controversy whether Ebel acted alone or had help. According to a Texas Rangers report, the assassination of Department of Corrections Director Clements was orchestrated by a white supremacist prison gang known as 211. When Ebel […]

  • Aurora not appealing decision to reinstate fired officer

    AURORA, Colo. –The city of Aurora has decided not to appeal the controversial reinstatement of an officer the police chief tried to fire for a racist remark. Lt. Charles DeShazer was caught on bodycam in June 2016 saying, “We got the Alabama Porch monkeys contained” referring to a crowd of African Americans who had gathered around the scene of a police chase. In August, police Chief Nick Metz fired DeShazer, saying, “That’s not representative of the Aurora Police Department. We’re […]

  • Parker man sues doctor, pharmacist after alleged misdiagnosis leads to severe skin condition

    PARKER, Colo. —  A 22-year old Parker man spent three weeks in a local burn unit after he was prescribed a drug for a mental health condition he does not have. The FOX31 Problem Solvers have agreed to only use Scott’s first name. His lawsuit in Douglas County District Court states he acquired Stevens Johnson Syndrome after being over-prescribed Lamictal, also known by the generic name Lamotrigine. SJS is a condition that causes serious skin rashes, blisters and sores on mucous […]

  • VA whistleblowers say Denver office did no work for a year

    DENVER — Imagine making close to $100,000 a year and having nothing to do at the office. It’s what Denver whistleblowers say was reality for employees at the local Office of the Inspector General for Veterans Affairs. That’s the very division in charge of wiping out waste, fraud and abuse for the medical system that serves the nation’s veterans. “These are your tax dollars that are paying the salaries of these individuals to sit in an office and do absolutely […]

  • Aurora refuses to release internal affairs file after firing officer

    AURORA, Colo. — Despite a legal settlement to be more transparent about its police internal affairs files, a FOX31 Problem Solvers investigation has found the city of Aurora is still reluctant to share the same information the Denver Police Department routinely gives the media. Aurora fired Lt. Leland Silver on Feb. 28, but the department does not want to share details as to why it terminated the 15-year veteran of the department. The Problem Solvers made a public records request […]

  • Fired Aurora officer who was reinstated has troubled history

    AURORA, Colo. — A FOX31 Problem Solvers investigation discovered Aurora Police Department employee Charles DeShazer has been accused of racism before. In fact, the Problem Solvers have learned the city of Aurora settled a lawsuit for a $175,000 in 2008 because of DeShazer’s conduct in 2006. He is now returning to APD under a cloud of controversy. FOX31 first reported on Tuesday that the 53-year-old police veteran won his appeal to be reinstated by the department despite being caught on a body […]

  • Aurora officer fired for racial slur reinstated by Civil Service Commission

    AURORA, Colo. — An Aurora police officer was fired for a disparaging racial remark caught on a body camera only to be reinstated by the city’s Civil Service Commission. Aurora police Chief Nick Metz spoke out because he was disappointed by the commission’s decision to overrule him and reinstate Charles Deshazer to the force, though as a sergeant not a lieutenant. Metz described his reaction to the reinstatement as a “combination of anger, appalled and probably the biggest one is […]

  • Mentally ill teen to finally get treatment: Problem Solvers update

    AURORA, Colo. — The family of Jace Elliott has won its appeal to get treatment for the mentally ill 15-year old boy. The Problem Solvers first shared his story on June 18th after learning his medicaid provider was refusing to pay for therapy at a residential treatment center.  Elliott has been a patient at Children’s Hospital Colorado on and off since April, when he chased his mother around the house with a knife. “He was stabbing the door and kept […]