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Rob Low is an investigative reporter with the FOX31 Problem Solvers.

He’s an Emmy Winning Storyteller who has covered a little bit of everything in 20-plus years of reporting.

He’s a Denver native who’s thrilled to call the Mile High City home again after crisscrossing the country.

He began as a weekend weather man in Grand Junction, Colo. Reporting stints followed in Fort Myers, Fl, New Orleans, LA, and Kansas City, Mo.

Rob likes to bike, play basketball (poorly) and explore new places with his family. He loves to tell unusual stories you won’t see anywhere else.

As an investigative reporter he has more time to dig through tips, so don’t hesitate to send him story ideas.


Recent Articles
  • Aurora refuses to release internal affairs file after firing officer

    AURORA, Colo. — Despite a legal settlement to be more transparent about its police internal affairs files, a FOX31 Problem Solvers investigation has found the city of Aurora is still reluctant to share the same information the Denver Police Department routinely gives the media. Aurora fired Lt. Leland Silver on Feb. 28, but the department does not want to share details as to why it terminated the 15-year veteran of the department. The Problem Solvers made a public records request […]

  • Fired Aurora officer who was reinstated has troubled history

    AURORA, Colo. — A FOX31 Problem Solvers investigation discovered Aurora Police Department employee Charles DeShazer has been accused of racism before. In fact, the Problem Solvers have learned the city of Aurora settled a lawsuit for a $175,000 in 2008 because of DeShazer’s conduct in 2006. He is now returning to APD under a cloud of controversy. FOX31 first reported on Tuesday that the 53-year-old police veteran won his appeal to be reinstated by the department despite being caught on a body […]

  • Aurora officer fired for racial slur reinstated by Civil Service Commission

    AURORA, Colo. — An Aurora police officer was fired for a disparaging racial remark caught on a body camera only to be reinstated by the city’s Civil Service Commission. Aurora police Chief Nick Metz spoke out because he was disappointed by the commission’s decision to overrule him and reinstate Charles Deshazer to the force, though as a sergeant not a lieutenant. Metz described his reaction to the reinstatement as a “combination of anger, appalled and probably the biggest one is […]

  • Mentally ill teen to finally get treatment: Problem Solvers update

    AURORA, Colo. — The family of Jace Elliott has won its appeal to get treatment for the mentally ill 15-year old boy. The Problem Solvers first shared his story on June 18th after learning his medicaid provider was refusing to pay for therapy at a residential treatment center.  Elliott has been a patient at Children’s Hospital Colorado on and off since April, when he chased his mother around the house with a knife. “He was stabbing the door and kept […]

  • Detective who accused Hancock of sexual harassment executed search warrant on wrong house

    DENVER — A Denver police detective who accused Mayor Michael Hancock of sending inappropriate text messages in 2012 is now in trouble herself and will serve a four-day suspension Det. Leslie Branch-Wise will serve the suspension for executing a search warrant on the wrong house in December 2017. The detective was investigating a theft case and was looking for the suspect at a Green Valley Ranch home the suspect no longer rented. Police broke into the home destroying the front door and […]

  • Lime Bike insider says company has stopped scrapping operations

    DENVER — A contracted employee with Lime, a company that allows people to share bikes and scooters, is disputing some of what the company said about its scrapped bikes. Last week, a viewer asked FOX31 Problem Solvers why at least 40 to 50 Lime bikes appeared to have been tossed away at a north Denver scrap yard instead of given to a nonprofit to repair the bikes. Lime Bike told Problem Solvers the bikes were taken to the scrap yard, […]

  • Bike shops asking why Lime scrapped dozens of bikes

    DENVER — If a picture speaks a thousand words the image of dozens of relatively new bikes in a scrapyard seems to ask one single question: Why? A viewer questioned why at least 40 to 50 Lime bikes appeared to have been tossed away instead of given to a nonprofit to rehab the bikes. Lime Bike, which  operates a rent by the hour ride sharing program in Aurora, acknowledged it sent the bikes to a Denver scrap yard.  The out-of-state […]

  • Medicaid won’t pay for teen’s mental health treatment

    AURORA, Colo. — Jace Elliott, 15, was born with an extra chromosome.  Doctors says his extra chromosome is the reason why he can be sweet one moment and chase his mom with a knife the next moment. “He was stabbing the door and kept stabbing and hitting the door and telling me he wanted to kill me and he wanted me dead and he hated me,” said Elliott’s mom Amber Soderstrom, who called 911 while locking herself inside her bathroom. She […]

  • State not allowed to investigate death at cancer center

    LAKEWOOD, Colo. — When 80-year-old Virginia Cornelius died at a Rocky Mountain Cancer Care Centers’ location in Lakewood on February 27, the on-site doctor insisted it must’ve been a heart attack. But the adult children of Cornelius aren’t convinced and tell the FOX31 Problem Solvers their efforts to find the truth have been stymied, partly because cancer centers generally aren’t regulated by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Cornelius was receiving radiation treatment for cancer of the larynx in […]

  • Residents say deadly shooting on Colfax highlights area as high-crime corridor

    DENVER — The officer-involved shooting outside a 7-Eleven on East Colfax Avenue and Pearl Street on Wednesday night is a reminder that Colfax Avenue from Broadway east to Downing Street remains a high crime corridor. “Drugs, it’s got to be drugs. I mean it has to be, that’s all I see out here,” said Mark Dalpes, who lives in an apartment above the 7-Eleven. He rents his unit from the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless and says crime in the […]

  • Forest Service not using Global SuperTanker to fight Colorado wildfires

    DENVER — It seems like common sense during wildfire season, if you have a huge plane that can drop more than 19,000 gallons of water or fire retardant, why not use it? As Colorado struggles with fires near Durango and Silverthorne, the nation’s largest and most advanced aerial firefighting tanker sits on a runway in Colorado Springs. The Global SuperTanker has no contract with the U.S. Forest Service to fly any missions in Colorado. “The U.S. Forest Service, when they are […]

  • No charges yet against dancing FBI agent who allegedly fired gun after backflip in a bar

    DENVER — Charges have yet to be filed after video caught off-duty FBI agent Chase Bishop doing a backflip in a Denver nightclub, his gun few to the ground and the weapon accidentally fired when he went to pick it up. A man in the crowd, Tom Reddington, was shot in the leg. The Denver Police Department responded to Mile High Spirits Distillery at 2201 Lawrence St. early Saturday morning. Bishop was released to an FBI supervisor that night and […]