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Matt Mauro anchors FOX31 News at 5 p.m., 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. on the weekends along with the weekend edition of Channel 2 News at 7 p.m. He’s also a reporter on FOX31 and Channel 2 weekday evenings.

Mauro comes to Denver from KPNX, the NBC affiliate in Phoenix. There he anchored the morning show and was a part of the station’s consumer investigative unit, Call 12 For Action. He also spent six months hosting the afternoon news and lifestyle show, EVB Live.

Prior to Phoenix, Mauro was in the weekday morning anchor slot at KRQE/KASA in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he spent three years behind the desk of the city’s fastest growing wake-up show.

Mauro has also worked as a host and correspondent for Hollywood Dailies and Spotlight on ReelzChannel in Los Angeles and was a freelance host on various entertainment networks.

He started his career at KWCH-TV in Wichita, first as the bureau reporter/MMJ in Dodge City, followed by being the education reporter and eventually morning anchor on both KWCH and KSCW.

Mauro is a Tampa native who earned his BS in Telecommunications from the University of Florida.

You can email Matt at Matt.Mauro@KDVR.com.

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  • Colorado is only state testing military tech to keep firefighters safe

    DENVER — Colorado is the only state in the country testing and tweaking military technology that could help save firefighters’ lives. The technology is called ATAK – Android Team Awareness Kit. It’s essentially a tool that tells firefighters exactly where they are and what kind of fire they’re seeing. “Right now we do a pretty good job with ‘what’ over our radios, but the hardest thing is to describe ‘where’ the ‘what’ is happening,” said Ben Miller, Colorado Division of […]

  • Colorado firefighters helping crews battle California wildfire

    BUTTE COUNTY, Calif. — Colorado firefighters will be joining others from around the nation in battling California’s most destructive wildfire in state history. The Camp Fire devastated the town of Paradise in Northern California. At least 23 people have been killed and more than 6,700 structures (mostly homes) have been destroyed. A group of firefighters from the Nederland and Timberline fire protection districts will be assisting local crews in the area. “When you’re doing structure protection, you’re really making an […]

  • Coloradans worry about family in California fires’ paths

    WESTMINSTER, Colo. – Diana Grimes feels helpless. Her niece and family have most likely lost everything because of the Camp Fire in northern California. Grimes wants to help, but like other people in Colorado with family in the fires’ paths, she doesn’t know how. “I was in shock, because I’m here and there’s now way I can offer assistance,” Grimes told FOX31. She learned about her niece’s situation last night, just hours after the family had to evacuate. “As I […]

  • Hundreds rally in support of Mueller’s investigation

    DENVER – Hundreds of people packed the steps of Colorado’s Capitol Thursday to send a message to the White House and President Donald Trump – no one is above the law. It was one of 18 similar rallies in Colorado and 900 across the country, Canada and Europe. The rallies were organized after President Trump fired his former attorney general Jeff Sessions and appointed his chief of staff Matthew Whitaker to be acting attorney general and oversee Special Counsel Robert […]

  • People of all faiths #showupforshabbat

    DENVER – People in Colorado and across the country packed synagogues Friday night for the first Shabbat since the deadly shooting in Pittsburgh last week. The Jewish community invited people of different faiths to join together using the hashtag “Show Up For Shabbat.” “We are here. We are unified. We are proud of our nation and we are not going to allow hatred or hate speech to cow us,” said Rabbi Joseph Black. Reports of hate crimes in Colorado and […]

  • Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons plant, July 1995. Photo: U.S. Department of Energy

    Oil and gas company wants to frack near Rocky Flats

    JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. – Controversy is once again surrounding Rocky Flats, because an oil and gas company wants to frack near what was once a nuclear weapons plant. Highlands Natural Resources is applying for up to 31 drilling permits for the land next to Rocky Flats and Standley Lake in Jefferson County. Read the application here and see the map for the proposed permits here. For decades, Rocky Flats was home to a plant that made nuclear weapons. In 1989 […]

  • 411 on Prop. 112 — drilling permits skyrocketing

    DENVER – Colorado’s oil and gas drilling permits are skyrocketing. In the last 12 months, the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission has either approved or received more than 11,000 permits – that’s nearly as much as the last three years combined. There’s no doubt that’s, in part, because of Proposition 112. If approved, it would make all new oil and gas development in Colorado be at least 2,500 feet from homes, schools, businesses and more. Right now the setbacks – […]

  • Wheelchair-accessible van donated to Colorado man paralyzed while helping stranger

    DENVER – This is a story about helping people you don’t know. It all started about two years ago. “That was a day to remember,” Orlando Reed told FOX31. Reed, who was then 51 years old, was walking home from hanging out with friends when he encountered a woman who needed help. He said the woman had a swollen eye, a broken nose and blood all over her face. “She just kind of collapsed in my arms,” Reed said. “She […]

  • What killed hundreds of fish in a Boulder-area creek?

    BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. – A release of contaminated water from an old gold mine near Boulder is responsible for killing a few hundred fish this week, and is not a threat to the drinking water supply, according to state and federal engineers. The Problem Solvers discovered the Environmental Protection Agency and Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment released the water from the Captain Jack Mill – a Superfund site – on purpose, saying they were worried about it coming […]

  • 10-year-old on autism spectrum arrested

    BENNETT, Colo. — A boy on the autism spectrum, who was arrested by an Adams County sheriff’s deputy, is not facing criminal charges. Sam Costa was arrested at Bennett Middle School in February after what his mother, Danielle, describes as a meltdown, where he was not properly restrained. “Because he wasn’t being properly restrained, he was able to strike people,” Danielle Costa told the Problem Solvers. “That’s true. And I want to say, he was also biting people.” Sam – […]

  • 411 on Prop 112: The effects of oil and gas on Colorado’s economy

    GREELEY, Colo. – The Problems Solvers are dedicated to giving you the 411 on Proposition 112 as we near to Election Day. If approved by voters, the initiative would make all new oil and gas development in Colorado be at least 2,500 feet from homes, schools, businesses and more. Currently, the so-called setbacks are 500 feet for homes and 1,000 feet for high-occupancy buildings like schools and hospitals. The oil and gas industry has repeatedly said if Prop 112 passes, […]

  • The 411 on Prop 112: Proponents concerned about health effects of oil and gas

    DENVER – Are there negative health effects associated with oil and gas development in Colorado? That’s what the Problem Solvers are looking into as we keep you informed as the election nears. The supporters of Proposition 112, which would make any new oil and gas development be at least 2,500 feet from homes, schools, businesses and more, say there are plenty of negative health effects and studies to prove it. However, Colorado’s oil and gas industry says fracking is safe […]