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I’m thrilled to be with Colorado’s Own Channel 2. The reason is simple: I am Colorado’s Own.

I grew up watching Blinky’s Fun Club, I Love Lucy, Happy Days, Leave It To Beaver and The Andy Griffith Show on Channel 2. So, in a way, I’ve always been connected to the station. Now as a meteorologist.

I grew up outside of Castle Rock, attended Douglas County schools until I graduated from DCHS in ’98.

My greatest childhood memories are rooted in Colorado. I first swam underwater at the Glenwood Hot Springs – a common weekend trip for the family. I went to the Stock Show year after year. I competed annually in the Douglas County Fair and Rodeo – Rosie was my favorite hog of all time. My dad, a local veterinarian, would take me to work with him on Saturday’s and then we’d go to Caboose Hobbies; we had quite the railroad setup in our basement. My mom had a hard time keeping me inside as I was always on the loose wandering on our land. In a way, I can’t stay indoors for too long – I need to be in nature.

That passion for nature and weather came to a head when I went to The University of Kansas (well, a long story short on an Appointment to the AF Academy that ended with an eye disease). I graduated there in 2002 with a degree in Atmospheric Science – a combo of math and physics basically.
My love for weather grew instantly as I could now visualize and understand the science and process of what Mother Nature tries to do. Although we still can’t fully predict what she is up to, and likely never will reach a greater than 95% accuracy rating, we are much more accurate year after year as technology becomes more powerful. Plus, I have a bit of a “leg-up” on Colorado’s weather as I grew up watching it and the weird things it can do. My first tornado chase, unintentionally, was near Calhan after leaving the livestock auction with my older brother. I was 8 at the time.

After leaving college with more of an engineering background than a broadcasting one, I fell into a good string of luck with Sunflower Cable, KSNT-Topeka, KAKE-Wichita, WFTV-Orlando, and KMGH-Denver. All of which taught me valuable lessons in journalism and allowed my weather experience to grow. Most notable events along the career path were the tornado that hit my apartment in 2003 and then tracking one of the largest tornadoes ever recorded, the Greensburg tornado in 2007. Coverage along the way has earned several Emmy awards, state and AP honors, and of course memories and friendships.

From tropical systems in Florida to snow storms, I was given the wonderful opportunity to come home; I had attempted it constantly since 2002, but 2010 was the year of my homecoming.

I can’t imagine living anywhere else – this is home. And, I feel right at home on Colorado’s Own.

You can see my forecasts on Channel 2 nightly at 4, 7 and 11 p.m. Also at,,,, and I can be heard on the following radio stations: Alice 105.9, 99.5 The Mountain, KS 107.5, Cruisin’ 1430 AM, Big 97.9, and Comedy 103.1, The Pirate Radio 104.7 and 93.5, KVAY 105.7, KFMU, KSPN, THE LIFT FM, THE REEL, KNFO, KSMT, KRKY, KSKE, BIG 97.9, KISS FM, RADIO 94.9, AND 107.9 the Bear.

I track the weather closely across the world too and post much more to my Facebook (@MattMakens), Twitter (@MattMakens), and Instagram (@MattMakensTV) accounts. Check ’em all out if you have a moment.

I also am happy to help with any charity or non-profit that I can. I’m currently on the Board of Advisors for the National Kidney Association here in Denver, which serves the entire region. I’m happy to help the American Heart Association as well.

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