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  • Federal wrongful death lawsuit filed against Aurora ICE detention center, doctor

    AURORA, Colo. — The children of a man who died in a privately run ICE detention facility have filed a federal wrongful death lawsuit against the company that runs it and the doctor who was in charge of their father’s care. “A man died in their care. That isn’t just something that can be swept under the rug,” said Neda Samimi-Gomez, whose father, Kamyar Samimi, died in 2017 at the Aurora center. The lawsuit, filed Tuesday against The Geo Group […]

  • Cause of death undetermined for man who was injected with ketamine after altercation with Aurora PD

    AURORA, Colo. — The coroner who reviewed the August death of Elijah McClain said the cause and manner of his death could not be determined with certainty. However, “intense physical exertion and a narrow left coronary artery contributed to (his) death.” The report was released late Friday afternoon by the coroner’s office for Adams and Broomfield Counties. It suggested McClain — who had a rough altercation with police and was injected with the sedative ketamine before going into cardiac arrest […]

  • Arvada Fire chief receives $124,000 to retire after investigation into family

    ARVADA, Colo. — An investigation into potential misconduct ultimately led the Arvada Fire Protection District chief and his wife to part ways with their employer. Chief Jon Greer retired Oct. 21. His wife, Lauri Greer, submitted a letter of resignation the same day. The two were being investigated after Lauri Greer, an accounting clerk, was accused of trying to fix an accounting error by using a method that cost taxpayers approximately $8,000. Her husband oversaw and approved her actions, according […]

  • Firestone ‘deeply disappointed’ in NTSB report on explosion, hundreds of new photos released

    FIRESTONE, Colo. — The Firestone town manager says his community is “deeply disappointed” in a recent investigative report issued by the National Transportation Safety Board in which the NTSB says local authorities contributed to a deadly home explosion in 2017. “The Town believes the reference to local authorities is a non-sequitur that only distracts from what should be a focus on learning and applying important lessons,” A.J. Krieger, the town manager, wrote in an email to the FOX31 Problem Solvers. […]

  • Colorado DMV makes changes after errors lead to woman’s wrongful arrest

    DENVER — The senior director of the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles is working to enhance the agency’s ability to detect errors through computer technology after the FOX31 Problem Solvers uncovered a series of issues that led to a woman’s mistaken arrest. “It was very egregious for the person that had to go through that problem… and we want to make sure nobody has to go through that again,” said Mike Dixon, the senior director of the Colorado DMV. The […]

  • Firestone explosion survivor continues to fight for change; oil and gas company could be fined

    FIRESTONE, Colo. — The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission may impose a fine on the oil and gas company that owned the infrastructure involved in a deadly 2017 Firestone house explosion linked to an improperly abandoned and severed pipeline. “We’ve been doing work on this and I think we will get to a point when we can finalize our (enforcement action called a Notice of Alleged Violation) soon,” said Jeff Robbins, the director of COGCC. Although the explosion occurred […]

  • NTSB releases report on fatal 2017 Firestone explosion linked to pipelines

    FIRESTONE, Colo. — A two-and-a-half year investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board found a 2017 house explosion in Firestone was caused by a leak in an improperly abandoned pipeline that was most likely severed during the construction of the house. According to the investigative files released by the NTSB, the federal agency tasked with investigating pipeline accidents in the US, “local authorities” also contributed to the accident by allowing homes to be built next to oil and gas production […]

  • Aurora PD says body cameras recorded but fell off during altercation with man who later died

    AURORA, Colo. — The Aurora Police Department’s deputy chief says APD is looking into a new body-camera company and new ways to keep the cameras intact when officers are engaged in physical altercations after cameras dislodged during a high-profile case involving a man who later died. “It is not uncommon for (cameras to come off). It is a common complaint for us — especially in physical altercations — for those to become dislodged,” said Paul O’Keefe, Aurora’s deputy police chief. […]

  • Arvada fire chief retires, wife resigns amid investigation

    ARVADA, Colo. — Arvada Fire Chief Jon Greer has retired after being on paid administrative leave during the course of an investigation by the Arvada Fire Protection District Board since August. His wife, Lauri Greer, resigned from her position as an accounting clerk for the district, according to Deanna Harrington, a spokesperson for Arvada Fire. The FOX31 Problem Solvers contacted Bob Loveridge, the board president, to learn more about the circumstances of the departures. He said the retirement was Jon […]

  • Denver has paid more than $400,000 for injured sheriff department employees since 2017

    DENVER — The city and county of Denver has paid more than $417,000 to cover medical-related expenses for sheriff department employees who were struck and injured on the job — mostly by inmates — since 2017. The greatest payout was in July 2017, when $52,424.51 was spent to cover medical costs, lost time and disability expenses for an employee who suffered injuries during an altercation with a suspect. It’s not certain how much Denver will pay for medical expenses related […]

  • Denver councilwoman no longer plans to hire girlfriend as paid staff

    DENVER — A Denver city councilwoman no longer has plans to hire her live-in girlfriend as a paid staff member. Candi CdeBaca’s office issued a press release Monday, indicating that she hopes to keep her girlfriend working in the office as a volunteer only. “I am modifying my request seeking permission from the Ethics Board to hire my life partner, despite her many contributions, long hours and sacrifices to get me where I am. Instead, the waiver will simply seek permission […]

  • SeaQuest ‘doing better’ after series of violations and state license suspension

    JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. — Managers for an interactive animal aquarium in Jefferson County say the facility has made several improvements since receiving state penalty assessments for violations related to animal welfare and licensing regulations. “We’re definitely doing better,” said Elsa MacDonald, the vice president of marketing for SeaQuest. “We have daily checks. We have quarterly checks. We have monthly checks. We have a lot of inspections in place that we do to be able to pre-empt a lot of the […]

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