I’m a writer, a podcast host and a speaker. I’ve always said that people are my passion…only recently have I discovered it’s because I love people so much that whether they move forward or fall backward, my love is there without condition.
Through every experience, no matter how bleak, there’s been light. Redemption.

When we open up and share our experiences of joy and suffering, we get clarity. The journey we’re all on takes place in this very moment where we breathe and question and laugh and cry. And that’s why I know there is so much more to life!

Recent Articles
  • How Special Olympics uses sports to transform lives

    One boy, he was able to skate holding my hand, but he would not skate alone. I said, please your legs won’t break, the ice is right here. Please do one step for me.  And then he tried a step.  He smiled and he did it and he took a second step and a third and shouted, ‘I can skate, I can do it alone.’ From this moment he skated alone. And he was able then to learn to read and write. […]

  • 4/20 marijuana party at Civic Center Park in downtown Denver. April 20, 2012

    Talking to your teen about marijuana

    If your child goes to school anywhere in the Denver Metro area, you don’t have to drive far to see a marijuana dispensary or licensed marijuana store.  For that matter, it’s fairly easy to spot liquor stores in that same drive.  As parents, having a discussion about drugs and alcohol use with our teens is not generally a ‘favorite’ on our to do list. Writing in Psychology Today, Social Psychologist and author Dr. Susan Newman says, For years, the lesson parents tried to […]

  • Because they survived, I am alive

    There’s something about a survivor that intrigues me. When I read or hear or watch a story about someone defying the odds, I want to know something more. Like, how did they do it? What made them different?  Did they have a strategy?  Was it pure luck?  Divine intervention? I guess at the heart of the matter, I want to know if I could to do the same thing if I were faced with those same circumstances. If you’re a descendant of a […]

  • Let’s be friends

    My last post, “When a friend becomes a frenemy,” generated a bit of a buzz.  Way too many of us know exactly what it’s like to have a frenemy.  And some wonder if they’ll ever be able to make a real friend again.  Nearly every close friend I’ve ever had were actually frenemies. As a result,  I have been unable to trust women enough to develop close friendships for the last 28 years. Thank God for my precious husband, my best […]

  • When a friend becomes a frenemy

    “I thought the amount of friends I have would be expanding as I grew older instead of dropping off,” says Licensed Psychologist Dr. Jill Squyres, who’s been studying friendships for  more than a decade. And that dropping off isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  Learning when to move on from friends who no longer want the best for you might be the best thing you can do for yourself. In her role as a psychologist,  Dr. Squyres watches and listens as people […]

  • Everybody Lies

    When someone famous is involved in a murder, a scandalous extra-marital affair, stealing millions of dollars from unsuspecting investors, a drug overdose, a raving emotional explosion we watch, read, listen, and observe with enormous interest.  For most, we view these incidents with a nearly voyeuristic glee since we are fairly certain we would never commit such indiscretions. Right now the world is watching and wondering what the future holds for NBC’s  Brian Williams, now suspended from his anchoring duties for 6 […]

  • Addicted to Technology

    I think I manage my dependence on technology pretty well. Yes, I own a smartphone.  I do a lot of my work on my phone:  email, social media, text, call, check my favorite news sites, take photos, read stories.  I think that’s pretty normal.  I don’t text/email and drive.  Unless there’s a red light, right?  Doesn’t every one catch up on their emails at red lights? But when I went to Sundance last month, I wound up with a number […]

  • Measles: a dangerous illness

    In 1988, author Roald Dahl wrote a heart wrenching, personal and telling essay,  “MEASLES: A dangerous illness,”  in response to the growing anti-vaccine trend at that time in the UK.  His words ring as true today as they did then. Olivia, my eldest daughter, caught measles when she was seven years old.  As the illness took its usual course I can remember reading to her often in bed and not feeling particularly alarmed about it.  Then one morning, when she was well […]

  • Sexting and Your Kids – Have You Had the Conversation?

    “When I was a sophomore, this senior guy asked me for my cell number.  I thought it was so cool, until he randomly texts me and asks me to send him nude pictures of myself,” says Gina, a Denver area high school student. “I told him I wasn’t interested, and then he texted me again.  I finally told him to delete my number.  Thank goodness he stopped texting.” Gina, not her real name, says “there are people at my school […]

  • What has happened to kids’ birthday parties?

    Birthdays.  They’re here to mark another year of life.  To revel in the future to come.  Unless you’re parenting children.  Then they’re bound to break the bank if you try to one-up what your daughter just experienced at her friend’s party.  When did this happen? Am I really going to splurge and provide that princess party?  What is going on here?  Look at the set up! Or maybe your goal is to find a really cool clown, have him entertain the kiddos […]

  • Hosting a Super Bowl party that’s too much fun

    We’ve all had a few weeks to get over the fact that Super Bowl 49 will not include the Denver Broncos.  If that’s not hard enough, do I really have to choose between the spoiler Seattle Seahawks and the deflate-gate New England Patriots? I guess if I want to be involved in any Super Bowl party football pools I will.  And that’s the only reason.  Because no matter what, I will be at a Super Bowl party. I love the game:  the atmosphere, […]

  • Transforming girls lives with safety and structure

    When we hear the words sex trafficking, many of us immediately think of illegal immigrants being forced into prostitution.  Sadly, most of the trafficking cases in this country involve American citizens. Malika Saada Saar, the executive director of Rights4Girls, says the “majority of these children being sold for sex are girls between the ages of 12 and 14. They are the lost girls, standing around bus stops, hanging out by runaway youth shelters, or advertised online. At the Motel 8 or […]

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