I’m a writer, a podcast host and a speaker. I’ve always said that people are my passion…only recently have I discovered it’s because I love people so much that whether they move forward or fall backward, my love is there without condition.
Through every experience, no matter how bleak, there’s been light. Redemption.

When we open up and share our experiences of joy and suffering, we get clarity. The journey we’re all on takes place in this very moment where we breathe and question and laugh and cry. And that’s why I know there is so much more to life!

Recent Articles
  • Being a sports fan rocks

    Is there any better time of year than the beginning of your sports team’s season? That’s how I’m feeling today as I reflect on the first six Colorado Rockies games.  I am pumped, I am psyched, I am hopeful. Every season, we fans start over.  No matter what happened the previous year, or years, we believe that this could be the season we’ll see our team go all the way. Some pick win-loss records on opening day, others get into a […]

  • Why telling your story is important

    I like to think of myself as a storyteller. That’s because my fondest childhood memories involved stories. It started when I couldn’t wait to get ready for bed because my mother would come in and share another epic story which I’m pretty sure involved several horses, mountains to summit,  gold, apples and a prince, there was always a prince.   While I loved her bedtime fantasy stories, I also hungered to learn more about my parents real life stories.  Where they […]

  • A passion for baking bread rises from a storm

    Do you remember the blizzard of March, 2003?  The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says it was the number one storm in their list of Top 10 Colorado Weather Events from 2001-2010. According to the Denver Mayor, this storm is the storm of the century. A back breaker, a record breaker, a roof breaker. Denver experienced the snowiest March in its history and the storm broke a streak of 19 consecutive months of below normal precipitation in Denver. The Foothills and Palmer […]

  • Bicycling, living life, and the mountains of Mallorca

    When we signed up for a Backroads bike tour in Mallorca I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  I’ve been riding for a few years, my husband has recently become interested in cycling, so when two close friends suggested we join them we didn’t hesitate. Mallorca is an island off the coast of Spain.  You probably knew that, but since I’d never been I had to look at a map to refresh my recollection of the geography.  All I could think was: […]

  • Controlling your child’s digital footprint until they can take over

    “I love posting events in my daughter’s life on Facebook, and I think I’m keeping the group I share everything with pretty tight, but sometimes I wonder about whether these images and videos are really only mine,” says my friend ‘Jane,’ mom of a darling four year old girl.   For the record, they are not only hers. Recently I discussed some of these privacy issues in my blog, Has social media replaced the family photo album, and there is no doubt plenty of us […]

  • What advice do you ignore?

    Let’s face it.  Every few weeks we hear a new reason why we should have a glass of red wine with dinner. Not only is it good for our digestive system, WebMD claims it might be a key to anti-aging. A few days later, how about this headline in the DailyMail.com:   Moderate drinking IS bad for your health: Just two glasses of wine a day can cause problems. Do I believe both?  Discard one?  Depending on my mood or the day? […]

  • heroin

    Heroin addiction and its grip on the family

    Addiction untreated is fatal. “When people say, ‘if only this family member would just make better decisions’ and they’re referring to an addict, that statement is a misnomer,” describes Greg Schmidli, MSW, Licensed Addictions Counselor, and founder of Turning Point in Denver, “because once the midbrain (a portion of the central nervous system associated with vision, hearing, motor control, sleep/wake, alertness, and temperature regulation) is engaged in drug use, your loved one no longer makes logical decisions.  They operate from instinct.” Schmidli […]

  • Why we are so ready for spring

    For me spring began last weekend when my neighbors led the way for the rest of the neighborhood by trimming back their grasses and bushes.  Yes, we immediately followed suit and now our front garden is ready to do whatever it should or could do in the weeks to come.  To further confirm spring is in the air,  the weather was so fabulous that my husband and I bicycled around the reservoir at Cherry Creek State Reservoir two days in a row. Spring is […]

  • So I’m burned out: what now?

    Have you ever had a morning like this? Slept past my alarm, and I woke up with a pit in my stomach.  Got some coffee, showered, dressed. Can’t find my keys.  Anywhere.  Another surge of stress as I tear around the house and through everything.  I use my spare set so I won’t be late. At least my husband is taking the kids to school today.  Get in the car and ten minutes into my commute I realize I don’t […]

  • Has social media replaced the family photo album?

    Photo albums, do you still use them? Now when a milestone approaches in your life, there’s a new social obligation most of us add to our ‘to do list.’  No longer do most of us collect and put our photos in albums to pass around and share with guests.  Instead, we post.  Photos, comments, ticket stubs, you name it, on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. “It’s called an external factor,” says Ron Spreeuwenberg, CEO of HiMama “whenever you have a major event the […]

  • Cancer: getting screened could save your life

    I had gone in for a physical because I was feeling tired  and I hadn’t seen a doctor for awhile.  I was 36 years old at the time, and my doctor suggested I get a mammogram just to have a baseline for when I needed to have regular screenings at 40.   So, after some encouragement from my sister-in-law, who’d been diagnosed with breast cancer at 32, I decided to go and get a mammogram.  The next morning, I got […]

  • Where are you on the OCD continuum?

    I like to think of myself as easygoing.  Unless I come to your house and the toilet paper is hanging from underneath the roll, instead of over the top. Then I will attempt to change it so it’s correct. When my closet got out of hand, I reorganized by color-coding my blouses and now it’s the only way I hang my clothes.  I used to have to close the door to my sons’ room, because if I saw clothing on the floor […]

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