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Kim Posey is the weekend anchor on FOX31. You can also see her reports on FOX31 and Colorado’s Own Channel 2 during the week.

This Emmy award winning journalist has lived in Colorado for many years, and knows the area well. She’s traveled the state and the country covering everything from wildfires, to the JonBenet Ramsey case, to the Rockies trip to the World Series.

Kim came to Denver from Phoenix where she worked at KSAZ-TV as a reporter and fill-in anchor. She also worked at KRDO-TV in Colorado Springs and at KAAL-TV in Austin, MN.

Kim earned a Masters Degree in Journalism from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. She received a BA in Political Science from UCLA. Go Bruins!!!

Kim loves Denver. She has a busy home, keeping up with two little boys and their puppy named Lexi.

You can email Kim at Kim.Posey@KWGN.com

Recent Articles
  • Colorado child who died from flu was only partially vaccinated

    DENVER — The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment says the young child who died from the flu in early January was from the Denver metro area and was only partially vaccinated. Doctors say when a child under the age of 9 gets the flu vaccine for the first time, the child needs two doses — at least four weeks apart — to be protected.  This child apparently did not get the second dose. “It’s an unfortunate but important […]

  • Some providers running low on flu shots

    If you still want to get a flu shot, you could have a harder time finding a provider that still has them. “My store still has some available.  I know there are a lot of pharmacies that are having shortages, as well as doctor’s offices that are having shortages.  So, unfortunately you may have to do a little extra legwork and do the calls to make sure that a location does have the flu vaccine available,” said Elena Olson, a […]

  • Hospitals try to reduce opioid use for new moms after c-sections

    DENVER — Opioid abuse is one of the leading causes of death for new mothers in Colorado.  That’s why some local hospitals are offering something new to their c-section patients, and an alternative to opioids. New mom Lauren Beckos was happy to learn about the option. The Denver mom delivered baby Abigail four weeks ago through c-section at Swedish Medical Center and afterward she chose not to use any opioids for pain management. “I knew that if possible I wanted […]

  • Do you have the flu or just a cold? Here’s how to tell

    DENVER — Flu season is in full swing here in Colorado, but so is cold season. So, how do you know which one you have? Providers at American Family Care say symptoms like fever, aches and chills are fairly common with the flu, but not as much with a cold. Meanwhile, sneezing, a stuffy nose and sore throat are common for a cold, but not as much for the flu. “With the flu, it’s sudden onset, usually a very high […]

  • 5 ways to clean your house after the flu

    DENVER — Flu season is ramping up here in Colorado, with hundreds of people already hospitalized. Anne Hart with the Colorado Visiting Nurse Association has five ways to clean your home and prevent the spread of the virus if sickness is running through your house. “We want to be careful about the spread of flu,” Hart said. So, grab some disinfectant wipes that kill viruses and follow these steps: Wipe down everything in your kitchen and bathrooms, including counters, the […]

  • Medical procedure costs now available to public

    Need a medical procedure?  Want to know how much that will cost you? The federal government now requires that all hospitals post their prices online, in the name of transparency.  But that may not be as helpful as you’d hoped. A hospital chargemaster list shows codes, technical names, abbreviations, and prices.  There are thousands of services listed and many patients won’t know which ones they need. “That could definitely  be a lot of information, too much information, and perhaps confusing […]

  • New Year- New Diet?

    This time of year many people are starting a new diet for the new year, and the restaurants are trying to get in on the action. Chipotle just announced four new lifestyle bowls.  You can order Keto salad bowls, Paleo salad bowls, Whole30 salad bowls and Double Protein salad bowls through the website or app.  “We are seeing a lot of orders come in,” said Kevin McCulloch, with Chipotle. But Chipotle isn’t the only fast casual restaurant to go after […]

  • How to: Christmas present returns, exchanges made easy

    Didn’t get what you wanted for Christmas? You’re not alone. Crowds of people were at Park Meadows Wednesday making those holiday returns. “Right now it’s pretty crazy,” said shopper Keson Drayton. “Make sure you come with a receipt and a solid game plan,” he said. Experts agree, it’s best to have a receipt. Check it, or the store website to see how many days you have to make those returns. And remember the crowds tend to be smaller right after […]

  • How to make family time drama-free during the holidays

    DENVER — It’s that time of year when so many people are stressed out trying to plan the perfect holiday for their huge, sometimes challenging, family. Here are five ways to help you survive. Try to avoid certain subjects like politics, religion, and parenting advice: “Try to stay away from all that,” said Julie Reynolds, a licensed professional counselor in Centennial. Sip carefully, too much alcohol can fuel a fight Clearly establish house rules for guest Assign seats at the […]

  • Preventing ski injuries on the slopes

    DENVER — It’s that time of year when so many people are hitting the slopes for the first time this season, and that means a chance of injuries. Dr. Catherine Logan is an orthopedic surgeon and member of the US Ski and Snowboard Physician Pool. She tells everyone it’s what you do before you get on the mountain that can have the biggest impact.

  • In death, a Colorado woman became a virtual cadaver

    DENVER — Susan Potter wanted to make a difference in life and in death. “That was my last will and testament: to leave something behind that would have an impact on the whole human race,” she said in a video for the CU School of Medicine. So, she decided to donate her body to science. She had seen a newspaper article about the Visible Human Project. After their death, a man and woman were frozen, sectioned and photographed for the […]

  • DNA tests help Denver man, his pharmacist choose best medication

    DENVER — This holiday season, many people are buying genetic testing kits as gifts. But there is a kind of DNA test that tells you how you may respond to different medications and how they are metabolized. There are many different companies offering this kind of pharmacogenomic tests. Most require a medical provider to order it for you, but the FDA just recently approved 23andMe to start offering it directly to consumers. Steve Judy, from Denver, had a good experience […]