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Good luck trying to find a town in Colorado Kevin Torres hasn’t visited! Since 2009, the 11x Emmy Award winning journalist has trekked to every corner of the state and nearly every community in between.

Kevin is well known throughout the state of Colorado for his Unique 2 Colorado feature series, which highlights unique people, places and things in our state. Having grown up on a farm in Upstate New York, rural towns and small communities have a special place in Kevin’s heart.

In the Spring of 2015, Kevin joined the KWGN Channel 2 News Team. He also reports for KWGN’s news partner, KDVR FOX31. Kevin’s segment ‘Unique 2 Colorado’ airs Monday-Friday on Channel 2 News at 4pm and Channel 2 News at 7pm.

Before joining the Emmy-Award winning news teams at Channel 2 News and FOX31, Kevin spent five and a half years reporting for 9NEWS in Denver.

Kevin has covered some of Colorado’s biggest stories, including: the Aurora Theater shooting, the Black Forest Fire, the Waldo Canyon fire and the historic floods of 2013 (to name a few). Kevin also traveled to Boston to cover the Boston bombings, as well as Texas for the West, Texas explosion in 2013.

Kevin has won more than 80 awards for his reporting and his storytelling. He’s the recipient of 11 Emmy Awards, including the Emmy for ‘Best Writer’ (two years in a row – 2014 & 2015), Best Live Reporter and Best Narrator. In 2017, Kevin won 2 additional Emmy Awards for his Unique 2 Colorado feature series. Kevin has also been nominated for an additional 31 Emmy Awards and he also won a prestigious Edward R. Murrow Award for his reporting.

In 2014, Kevin was also named a finalist for the National Press Photographers Association’s ‘Reporter of the Year’ Award.

When he’s not working, you can find Kevin traveling throughout the beautiful state of Colorado. He loves to camp, hike, explore, sleep and watch Netflix.

Originally from Upstate New York, Kevin travels back home quite often to spend time with his two awesome nephews: Merv and Mason.

Prior to working in Denver, Kevin was a Reporter at WSYR-TV in Syracuse, NY and a Reporter/Weekend Anchor at WWNY-TV in Watertown, NY. Kevin studied Broadcasting & Mass Communications at Oswego State University.

The two things he misses most about Upstate New York are his family and Buffalo Wings. His favorite part about living in Colorado? Being landlocked. Kevin is deathly afraid of whales.

Kevin lives in the LODO section of Denver. Like most LODO girls, he prefers boxed wine.

Kevin is always on the road for Channel 2 News, searching for unique, quirky and interesting stories. If you have a story idea for Kevin, let him know! Send him a message on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/kevinLtorres or e-mail him directly at kevin.torres@kwgn.com

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