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Recently recognized as “the face of political journalism on local TV news” in Denver, Eli Stokols brings you the latest in Colorado politics weeknights on FOX31 and KWGN, and 24-7 with breaking stories on The Political Page at KDVR.com and Twitter.

An award-winning journalist, Eli’s reports seek to provide both sides of the story, to offer context, and to break down the disconnect between public officials and the public at-large by showing the human impact of laws and public policy as well as the human side of the lawmakers who make them.

A fixture on Denver’s airwaves since 2005, Eli began his reporting career in Louisiana, covering hurricanes, tornadoes, crime and corruption, even patching potholes once a week. Even now, he continues to live and die with the New Orleans Saints.

In 2002, Eli received a Masters degree from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in New York City, where he spent the year reporting on the attacks of 9/11 and their aftermath, including seven months inside a Manhattan firehouse documenting how the firefighters there coped with the loss of a seven-man crew.

He is also a proud graduate of the University of California at Berkeley. There, he majored in history and pitched for the Cal baseball team — whenever they had a safe lead of 10 runs or more.

Eli grew up in Irvine, California, where his broadcasting career was born in his parent’s living room, where he first read the news from his desk at the age of 10. It later flourished in the park across the street, where Eli would announce imaginary baseball games out loud for the neighbor’s enjoyment, often treating them to double-headers.

In high-school, he was a teammate of former Rockies third-baseman Garrett Atkins. A decade later, Eli had the unique and unexpected pleasure of covering Garrett’s exploits during the 2007 World Series. Naturally, Eli roots for the Rockies but remains an Angels fan at heart. He is passionate about many things in addition to news and sports, including books, penguins and sandwiches.

Recent Articles
  • Fracking task force nears possible compromise

    DENVER — If a debate between one of the state’s leading environmentalists and a powerful oil and gas industry consultant is any indicator, don’t expect a major breakthrough compromise that will solve the state’s ongoing local control impasse. The task force created last summer by Gov. John Hickenlooper, hatched as a last-minute way out of a potentially messy battle over ballot measures last fall, is due to issue its recommendations on Tuesday. Of the 40 or so policy recommendations being […]

  • Conservationists warn of drilling boom in Arapahoe County

    DENVER — Although Colorado’s drilling boom has largely impacted homeowners in Weld County and along the northern Front Range, conservationists issued a warning Monday to homeowners in heavily populated Arapahoe County: “you’re next.” Using existing public data of existing oil and gas leases, Conservation Colorado launched a new website showing the potential impact to residents in this growing suburban county, which also happens to be the state’s most important political battleground, including more than 30 schools that now sit atop […]

  • GOP blocks Democratic effort to restore funding for immigrant driver’s licenses

    DENVER — By denying a supplemental funding request for Colorado’s program issuing driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants, Senate Republicans sent an early message last month that they plan to flex their newfound muscle at the Capitol this year. Democrats, who still control the state House and governor’s office, are ready to up the ante, digging in for what could be a protracted fight over the issue that could threaten all supplemental DMV funding. It’s a fight, borne out of the […]

  • Perlmutter’s red light camera ban a revealing signal?

    DENVER — Seemingly out of the blue, Democratic Congressman Ed Perlmutter introduced legislation in Congress Thursday that would ban states and cities from using red-light cameras to catch drivers who disobey traffic laws. But the legislation, whatever its chances of passing out of the Republican-controlled U.S. House, may be a signal of another kind. The unabashedly liberal Perlmutter’s embrace of this populist and relatively popular legislation is the kind of action one might take if they were, say, considering a […]

  • After delay, Erin’s Law proposal to help child sex abuse victims draws bipartisan support

    DENVER — One of many survivors of child sexual abuse to testify in support of Senate Bill 20 a couple of weeks ago, Meaghan Scull has been on pins and needles ever since she left the Capitol that day after a long hearing with the bill’s fate still up in the air. The Senate Education Committee, after hearing powerful testimony from a number of victims and advocates, had laid the bill, dubbed “Erin’s Law”, over for action at a later […]

  • Coffman tangles with new VA Secretary in hearing

    DENVER — Aurora Congressman Mike Coffman raised the ire of new Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald by suggesting that he hasn’t done enough to turn around the troubled agency in his first six months on the job. “I ran a large company, sir, what have you done?” McDonald said to Coffman, R-Aurora, at one point. Coffman, a former Marine and, as it turns out, small business owner, has been one of the biggest critics of the VA, especially its mismanagement […]

  • Why the United States should rethink its approach to ISIS

    DENVER — After yet another horrific death at the hands of ISIS, it’s still unclear how the U.S. can best deal with the group. An expert on the region joins us to discuss options.

  • Parent’s Bill of Rights proposal advances on party-line vote

    DENVER — Propelled by emotional testimony from a group of parents who oppose vaccines as well as some school-based testing and non-academic surveys, legislation seeking to establish a ‘Parent’s Bill of Rights’ passed its first test at the Capitol Thursday. The GOP-controlled Senate Education Committee approved Senate Bill 77 on a 5-4 party-line vote after three hours of testimony. While a number of individual parents spoke in support of the bill, educators, child abuse advocates and the legal community showed […]

  • ‘Parents Bill of Rights’ proposal underlines vaccines, sex education opt-outs

    DENVER — Federal data Tuesday showing Colorado kindergartners having the lowest immunization rate in the country would seem to illustrate that parents here already have the option of not vaccinating their children against certain diseases. But this week, just as a politically fraught debate over vaccinations is dominating the conversation between 2016 GOP presidential hopefuls, Colorado lawmakers will debate legislation that would underline the rights parents already possess to opt out of immunizations as well as comprehensive sex education in […]

  • Marijuana welfare bill clears committee

    DENVER — An effort to make sure public benefits cards aren’t being used at Colorado marijuana shops cleared its first hurdle Tuesday. A bill, which also prevents the cards from being used at strip club ATMs, advanced out of a Senate committee on a 3-2 party-line vote and heads now to the full Senate. It faces an uncertain future, like most partisan bills this session, if it passes the GOP-controlled Senate and winds up in the Democrat-controlled House. The marijuana […]

  • GOP committee clears proposal to repeal expanded background checks

    DENVER — Democrats scheduled a spate of Republican gun bills for Monday, which happens to be Groundhog Day, in order to make a point about the GOP’s stubborn and seemingly never-ending opposition to Colorado’s new gun safety laws, which were approved by the Democrat-controlled legislature two years ago. At a press conference inside the Capitol’s west foyer ahead of the afternoon’s hearings, gun control activists handed out groundhogs — well, stuffed animals — just to be sure the assembled reporters […]

  • Death with dignity

    DENVER — Should terminally ill patients be legally allowed to end their own lives? Our panel discusses the “death with dignity” movement in Colorado.