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Joe St. George is an Emmy award-winning journalist specializing in politics and breaking news for FOX31 Denver and Channel 2 News.

Part of Joe’s responsibilities include covering the Governor, the General Assembly, the White House and Congress.

Since arriving in Denver, Joe has been part of the region’s biggest stories – from the drama of the 2016 election to the oil pipeline controversy in North Dakota, where he reported live during a blizzard.

In 2017, Joe anchored and produced a half hour documentary from the North Lawn of the White House entitled “President Trump Year One: Impact on Colorado.”

Joe is also one of handful of local television reporters to have covered oral arguments in front of the United States Supreme Court. Joe traveled to Washington D.C. for the landmark Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission hearing. When the opinion was issued by Justice Kennedy, Joe was the first local journalist to interview the controversial baker involved in the decision.

In 2018 Joe reported from South Korea and the DMZ – interviewing Coloradans about the threat posed by North Korea and the prospects for peace.

While at FOX31, Joe has helped develop the Truth Check Series which features fact checks of political candidates. Joe also routinely works with the station’s investigative unit and in 2017 won a Heartland Emmy Award for his six month investigation into the oil and gas industry.

On election night 2016, Joe was on the air for several hours — in prime time and in the morning shows — using interactive maps to demonstrate the results. Joe also led a political team of analysts live on air and online throughout the political season, co-anchoring the station’s coverage of the Trump Inauguration.

Over Joe’s career, he has held the political beat for KWQC in Iowa and WTVR CBS 6 in Richmond, VA. That makes Joe one of the few local television news reporters in the country to have covered politics in three swing states.

While in Richmond, Joe was a weekend anchor and extensively reported on the Bob McDonnell corruption trial, the Navy Yard Shooting, and the Baltimore riots. Joe also led his station’s coverage of Pope Francis’ visit to D.C.

Joe has conducted several headline making interviews during his career ranging from President Donald Trump to Vice President Mike Pence to Vice President Joe Biden.

Originally from Youngstown, Ohio, Joe attended The Catholic University of America in Washington where he graduated with honors from the Politics Department. During college he held internships at CNBC and NBC News.

Prior to entering journalism, Joe was a White House Intern, a New Media Director in British Parliament, and worked for his Senator and Congressman in our Nation’s Capital.

In his free time, Joe enjoys spending time with his nearly 30 cousins in the Denver area and checking out new golf courses with friends.

He currently sits on the Board of Governors of Catholic University’s Alumni Association and on the Young Professional Board for Colorado’s March of Dimes.

His personal motto? “When good food and good friends come together, I am the happiest.”

Joe is always looking for a good story, feel free to reach out to him on Facebook or Twitter.

Email Joe at JSt.George@KDVR.com

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  • Jared Polis selects Dianne Primavera as running mate

    DENVER – Democratic nominee for Governor of Colorado Jared Polis announced his running mate Monday. Dianne Primavera, a former Democratic state representative and current CEO of the Susan G. Komen Foundation in Denver, will run to become Lieutenant Governor in a Polis administration. Primavera, who represented Broomfield during her time in the legislature from 2007–2011 and again from 2013-2017 is perhaps best known as an expert on health care. Primavera is also a cancer survivor. I'm proud to announce Dianne […]

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  • Ethics debate heats up with Denver City Council and watchdog groups

    DENVER — Should Denver city officials be entitled to seemingly endless business class travel from Denver International Airport? That was the debate between watchdog groups and city officials Thursday. As first reported by Colorado Public Radio, from 2013 to 2017, Denver city officials received more than $400,000 in travel benefits from Denver International Airport. The question becomes: Is that ethical? The answer: Depends who you ask. City officials say yes because they believe DIA is an agency of the city […]