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For more than 30 years, Dave Young has been a fixture in Denver television and has covered every major story impacting the lives of people here in Colorado.

Starting as an AFKN military broadcaster in the Armed Forces Radio and Television Service, Dave reported from Seoul, South Korea beginning in 1977. He also worked in Army Public Affairs, and was editor of an Army Post newspaper. He worked at the Fitchburg, MA Sentinel-Enterprise newspaper and was primary anchor/assistant news director at WSVA AM/FM in Harrisonburg, Va, and was weekend and primary anchor/reporter at WXEX-TV (now WRIC), in Richmond, Va.

Dave joined Channel 2 News in 1984 and became part of the FOX31/Channel 2 news team in 2009.

Dave is a six-time Emmy nominee, has earned several awards from professional organizations including Sigma Delta Chi for outstanding reporting, and was co-anchor of the Colorado evening newscast voted best by the Associated Press in the early 90s.

You can email Dave at

Recent Articles
  • City of Denver to force property owners to fix sidewalks that are in disrepair

    DENVER — City of Denver inspectors are about to head out to inspect the condition of sidewalks in all neighborhoods. Property owners will be responsible for repairing cracked, crumbling and uneven sidewalks adjacent to their properties. Many don’t know they’re responsible to make those repairs. As a result, the city is about to get aggressive about enforcement. “We’re systematically going out inspecting, talking to property owners letting them know what their options are for repairs,” Denver Public Works spokeswoman Nancy […]

  • Surveillance video captures missing man leaving Denver bars

    DENVER — Family and friends are searching for a man who went missing Friday after leaving a nightclub in Denver. Adam Gilbertson, 29, was last seen leaving Syntax Physic Opera at 554 S. Broadway just before 1 a.m. There are questions about what Gilbertson did after he left the bar. He only lives about three blocks away, but surveillance video appears to show him leaving in the opposite direction. Detectives are trying to determine if foul play is involved.

  • RTD’s Civic Center Station reopens after extensive renovation

    DENVER — Civic Center Station reopened Sunday after shutting down for 18 months of reconstruction. The $31 million redesign replaces a rundown, leaking facility built in the early 1980s. More than 15,000 passengers a day travel through the bus terminal. “Just using the buses I haven’t been inside just yet but I’m pretty sure it’s cozy it’s probably better than the last one the last one was really nasty,” passenger Starletta Lewis said. The newly renovated building not only gives […]

  • Lakewood woman loses $8,000 Rolex watch to con artist in Craigslist scam

    LAKEWOOD, Colo. — She wanted to put a down payment on a house in Lakewood and decided to sell her Rolex watch.  But she ended up losing the watch and $8,000. Andi Davis thought she was selling the Rolex watch she posted on Craiglist to a man captured on surveillance cameras at a Lakewood Starbucks. The man might have victims across the country. The woman had just gotten the watch in a divorce settlement and was trying to start a […]

  • Former Coloradans explain why they left amid population boom

    DENVER — A record number of Colorado residents are packing up and moving out of state — and the reasons seem to share a common theme. The influx of people has changed the culture of the state.

  • C-470 expansion causing headaches for residents

    DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. — To stop noise along the C-470 expansion project, the Colorado Department of Transpiration is building walls in some stretches of the project. But not everyone is happy, either with a wall or without one.

  • Boulder County barn fire that killed 4 horses might be arson

    BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. — David and Ronda Reyes awoke to the sound of fire engines pulling up to their Boulder County horse ranch early Sunday morning. Neighbors had called 911 after seeing flames shooting up on the horizon near 95th Street and Hills View Drive in Niwot. “I ran directly to the barn because my first thought is my horses are in there and … obviously too late,” David Reyes said as he fought back tears. The barn is only 2 […]

  • Aurora Marine veteran at concert tried to help others escape during Las Vegas gunfire

    AURORA, Colo. — Marine combat veteran Scott Yarmer stood in his Aurora kitchen texting friends who’d been trying to reach him almost nonstop since they heard the news about the Las Vegas massacre. ” Definitely you could hear like an automatic weapon and that’s just what it sounded like.” Yarmer returned on a flight to Denver from Las Vegas Monday morning after he a friend spent three days at the country music venue before the shooting began Sunday night. “The second […]

  • New rules go into effect to make Colorado pot edibles safer

    DENVER — Colorado’s new rules for marijuana edibles kicked in Sunday, no longer allowing them to be shaped like fruits, animals or other things that can be confused for candies. “We never want to make any products that would be appealing for a kid to take or be able to be confused for a child to take,” said Chad Drew, sales manager of Colorado Harvest Company that operates several dispensaries. The new rules also require more prominent and easier to […]

  • Denver veterans split on controversy surrounding kneeling during national anthem

    DENVER — Broncos fans have a wide range of opinions when it comes to NFL players taking a knee during the national anthem. But it might be the opinions of those who fought for the country that matter the most. Wounded five times in Vietnam, Dennis Johnson still supports NFL players’ right to protest during the national anthem. “When I first got back from Vietnam, the only thing I really got riled up about is when I saw somebody burn […]

  • Brighton family narrowly escapes unusual natural gas leak into basement

    DENVER — A natural gas leak at one family’s home in Brighton could have turned deadly. They discovered their basement was filled with natural gas after an unusual leak outside their house. It’s a good reminder as many of us might be turning on our furnaces for the first time this season in coming days. The potentially deadly intruder was creeping along their basement floor as Josh Torgerson was just getting into bed Wednesday night. “I wasn’t sure exactly what […]

  • Class-action lawsuit filed by potential victims of Equifax security breach

    DENVER — The first class-action lawsuit has been filed against Equifax in Colorado by Hannon Law over the company’s huge security breach. Denise Farmer Watts said Equifax and other major companies have to be held accountable for putting consumers at risk. “I’m appalled. Equifax is a gatekeeper, it holds the key to employment, mortgages, car loans and right now it’s big, bad and it’s ugly,” she said. Watts suspected she had been a victim of the Equifax security breach. “They’re […]

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