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Dan Daru is a reporter on FOX31 Denver & Colorado’s Own Channel 2.

Born in Detroit, Michigan. Moved to Denver as a wee lad.
Attended John F. Kennedy High School in Denver.

Applied Science degree in Criminology, Red Rocks Community College
Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice, Metropolitan State University of Denver
Bachelor of Arts in Communications, Metropolitan State University of Denver

First TV job in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina as a news photographer
Chief Photographer at KBAK in Bakersfield, California
General Assignment reporter, KWGN, Channel 2
General Assignment reporter, KDVR Fox 31, Denver

Favorite story: WWII Soldiers of the 10th Mountain Division

Bike riding, WWII history, collecting for fun.
Dean Martin, martinis and good cigars for memories.

You can email Dan at Dan.Daru@KDVR.com

Recent Articles
  • Hundreds of ‘flat Earth’ believers gather in Aurora for conference

    AURORA, Colo. — “Flat Earth” believers have gained internet notoriety in recent years. As the name suggests, the group believes the Earth is not round. “Was there ever any debate when you were in first grade and you were learning about cosmology? Was there anyone who disputed it ever in your whole life but now?”  said Dorothy Novak, a flat-Earth believer. As science — and common sense — have proven, the world is not flat. However, flat-Earth believers say otherwise. […]

  • Family, friends cope with death of man shot during hunting trip

    DENVER — Family, friends and coworkers are learning to cope with heartbreak after a man died after getting shot on a hunting trip in the Colorado mountains. His name is Ernest Ackerley, but friends and coworkers knew him as Ernie. “He’s the kind of guy you could rely on to go the extra mile. No matter what was asked of him he was always thinking what else could he do, how else could he contribute,”  said Scott Kiere, president and […]

  • Mountain lion euthanized after attacking dog in Evergreen

    EVERGREEN, Colo. — A mountain lion attacked and killed a dog in the city limits of Evergreen Monday during broad daylight which is highly unusual. It is also highly unusual that after the attack the lion did not run, or even hide. Early Monday afternoon a resident living on Douglas Park Road in Evergreen was walking the family dog off leash. In an instant a full grown female mountain lion pounced on the unsuspecting dog, and took its life. Shouts […]

  • New memorial pays tribute to fallen Navy SEALs

    It was called operation Red Wings. It was a dangerous and daring counter-insurgent mission in the volatile Kunar province, Afghanistan. Three Navy SEALs were killed during the initial operation, including Littleton native Danny Dietz. It was June 28, 2005. Today, under cold and sunny skies, friends, family, politicians and just every day people stood in the snow at Berry Park for a very special day. In addition to the three navy SEALs killed that day, 16 other special ops soldiers […]

  • Marine surprises siblings during assembly at Arvada School

    ARVADA, Colo. The students and faculty had a very special day Friday at Warder Elementary school in Arvada, celebrating Veterans Day. But the program had an extra special meaning for Gianna Montoya and her brother Landon because they were surprised by a very special big brother. It all started with the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by thoughtful words of thanks written by the students. Then, it was Gianna Montoya’s turn. Words written, then spoken from the heart. With her brother Landon […]

  • Colorado World War II vet in famous Iwo Jima flag-raising photo shares story

    LONGMONT, Colo. — It’s remarkable how an image, a moment captured in time by a simple camera, can have such an impact. “I can see it right now why we had a smile on our faces. It was a smile of victory,” said World War II veteran Jack Thurman. Such are the pictures taken by war correspondent Joe Rosenthal on top of Mount Suribachi during the battle of Iwo Jima. “We were determined to take Iwo Jima, there is just […]

  • After 65 years in business, O’Brien’s Tonsorial Parlor in Denver closes

    DENVER — The greetings are the same.  The customers are the same as well. But the times are different now. It may be cliché to say nothing stays the same, but at O’Brien’s Tonsorial Parlor on East 8th Avenue in Denver, it pretty much did stay the same for 65 years. “There’s no one that expects to stay on one job in the same place for 65 years. That just doesn’t happen very often,” laughed Dick Alderson. He has had the pleasure […]

  • 5-year-old needs new wheelchair, but Colorado Medicaid program keeps denying mom’s requests

    DENVER — Sarah Allen is an army of one. She’s a single mother taking care of her five-year-old son Aidan  and he needs a new wheelchair. “He’s delayed developmentally so he’s not the age he would be cognitively and physically,” she said. She is Aidan’s 24-hour-a-day care giver. Food, clothing, medical, education, there’s always something to do. “It’s definitely challenging, you lose out on a lot of sleep. You don’t have as much help, and we really don’t have any […]

  • Florida woman now living in Colorado sees snow for first time

    CONIFER, Colo. — It’s been a pretty dry month when it comes to snow in Colorado. But that all changed Tuesday as many parts of the state were sprinkled with the white stuff. But for some folks new to our state, the snow caught them a little unprepared. Bailey, Colorado is now the permanent home for Tally Moon and her family. We ran into her Tuesday in Conifer, which was slowly turning white. Snow is new to her, so we […]

  • Couple encounter bat-wielding driver in road rage incident

    LITTLETON, Colo. — Lexi Garcia and Cody Watson were high school sweethearts – now, they are engaged to be married. In town from Avon for a few days, they had a close encounter with a baseball bat from an apparent road raging driver yesterday at Broadway and Orchard Road. They say they’re not sure what they did to enrage the other driver. The confrontation escalated rapidly. The other driver put away his bat and decide to use his Dodge Ram […]

  • Flood control project brings total renovation to Denver City Park Golf Course

    DENVER — It looks like an active construction site.  It sounds like a construction site.  But no condos, no homes, no high-rises are being built there. It’s City Park Golf Course and it sits right in the middle of the Montclair Basin. “It’s the largest basin in the city without a natural waterway to move water, there’s no gulch here, there’s no natural waterway,”  explained Nancy Kuhn, spokeswoman for Denver Public Works. So the links are getting a complete 100% […]

  • Take a look inside the major renovation project inside DIA’s terminal

    DENVER — Denver International Airport is undergoing its biggest remodel in history. It’s called the Great Hall project. That name could not be more fitting as this is the largest and most expensive remodel since the airport opened its gates in February 1995. The $650 million project is divided into four phases, and won’t be completed until 2021. The number one reason for the facelift is safety.  Making room for the new TSA security area which will include new and […]