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Recent Articles
  • Study: Many popular fruit juices contain arsenic, cadmium, lead

    DENVER — Consumer Reports tested 45 popular fruit juices sold across the country—including apple, grape, pear, and fruit blends—and found concerning levels of heavy metals in nearly half of them, including juices marketed for children – who are particularly vulnerable to the harmful effects of heavy metals. LIST: Better juice alternatives from Consumer Reports Persistent exposure to these heavy elements, particularly early in a child’s development can have long standing effects throughout their life; respiratory systems, their neurological systems; their […]

  • Consumer Reports: The best DSLR cameras that take better photos than your phone

    Selfies, food pics, pet pics – we use the cameras in our phones all the time – but they do have their limitations. As good as the camera technology has become in our phones, Consumer Reports says there are still some things a good advanced point-and-shoot camera can do better. While smartphone cameras, they produce nice looking photos on your phone. If you ever want to print them out, or crop, or edit, that’s when you start seeing their quality […]

  • Consumer Reports tests dangers of furniture tipping over

    The numbers are frightening: Every 17 minutes someone is injured by furniture, a TV or an appliance tipping on them, and about every ten days a child dies from a tip-over incident. Parents might be surprised to learn that furniture, including dressers, are not required to be tested before they are sold. As exclusive new Consumer Reports testing reveals, there are big differences when it comes to dresser stability. Consumer Reports bought 24 models from different furniture manufacturers, then evaluated […]

  • Drones are flooding the consumer market; Know the rules if you get one

    You finally got that drone you’ve wanted – now that lightweight, affordable models are everywhere. But you still have so many questions, like what are the laws and regulations? For a long time, drones were used mostly by professional photographers and flying enthusiasts. But lower priced, user-friendly models are flooding the market, allowing consumers to get in on the action. That sales growth has raised safety concerns as more drones take to the skies. Consumer Reports says if you’re planning […]

  • Consumer Reports: What is the best frozen pizza?

    Your family might have a favorite frozen pizza that you eat as-is or even add some toppings to. But maybe there’s a pizza in the store that’s even healthier and tastier than your go-to. Consumer Reports food experts evaluated 26 different frozen vegetable and cheese pies for taste, nutrition and price. CR considers the nutrition profile and also evaluate for taste. Ideally, a store-bought frozen pizza should taste like it was just put together with fresh ingredients. And it’s a […]

  • How to haggle and save on anything

    You don’t necessarily need to wait for a sale or a coupon to nab a discount. Whether you are buying tires or tomatoes, Consumer Reports found there’s often wiggle room…to either lower the price or get more bang for your buck, But you may have to ask for it. A lot of people are actually really uncomfortable bargaining a price in store because they think it’s rude, they think they’re being cheap, which is why Tercius Bufete of Consumer Reports […]

  • Safety measures introduced to make driving safer in a distracted world

    Car crash deaths are on the rise and many experts believe driver distraction from smartphones remains a problem. In a recent survey Consumer Reports found 52% of licensed drivers who own a smartphone texted, played music, browsed the web, sent emails, or watched videos. Many smartphone and tech companies are introducing safety measures for teens and adults while driving. Apple’s latest operating system includes a mode, which blocks alerts for both calls or texts. You can also download apps for […]

  • Consumer Reports: Online shopping for procrastinators

    Just a few more days til Christmas, but don’t panic if you haven’t purchased all the gifts you need yet. Consumer Reports says online retailers are eager to deliver to those who procrastinate, but you need to know who will give you the best delivery deal and get your stuff to you on time. The key to desperation internet shopping is to pay attention to the delivery deadlines. Many retailers offer two day delivery for addresses within the United States, […]

  • Consumer Reports: how to use a fire extinguisher

    The recent recall of nearly forty million Kidde fire extinguishers means many households may find themselves without suitable fire extinguishers. So if you’re in the market for a new fire extinguisher, Consumer Reports says you should take this chance to familiarize yourself with it, and how to use it. Consumer Reports and fire safety experts recommend keeping multipurpose fire extinguishers for your home. You want to have the most common type of fire extinguisher which will be an A-B-C fire […]

  • Antibiotics in meat: Restaurants scorecard

    This year a handful of fast food and chain restaurants beefed up their pledge to limit or eliminate antibiotics in the production of the meat and poultry they serve. Consumer Reports reveals which restaurants have taken steps to protect public health, and those that haven’t. More than half of the largest 25 restaurant chains now have antibiotics policies in place. That’s nearly triple what it was 3 years ago. Why is that important? Although antibiotics can be helpful for treating […]

  • Higher taxes target sugary drinks in effort to reduce obesity

    WASHINGTON — It’s a remarkable statistic — more than a third of Americans are obese. That’s worse than in any other country. Some cities are attacking the obesity epidemic by targeting  sugary drinks with extra taxes. Consumer Reports has important information on whether that strategy is working and what beverages are the best substitutes. A 20 ounce cola packs a big punch of sugars — about 16 teaspoons. Overall, sugary drinks account for roughly 7 percent of all calories consumed […]

  • Consumer Reports: The bot that stole Christmas

    Many parents know that feeling of dread when you can’t get your hands on the hot toy of the holiday season. But what you might not realize is that it’s not just high demand that’s making these items scarce — it’s actually hi-tech, high-speed software robots that snatch up the sought after toys before you can get them in your cart. Consumer Reports takes a look. Consumer Reports TV News® is published by Consumer Reports. Consumer Reports is a not-for-profit […]

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