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  • Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin morph into the same person in Time magazine cover

    WASHINGTON — For the second month in a row, Time magazine has put a provocative photo illustration of President Donald Trump on its cover — this time, morphing him into Russian President Vladimir Putin. In it, Trump’s distinctive blonde hair, wispy eyebrows and pursed lips merge with Putin’s nose and blue eyes. The stunning photo illustration, by visual artist Nancy Burson, “is meant to represent this particular moment in U.S. foreign policy, following the pair’s recent meeting in Helsinki, Finland,” […]

  • Trump’s military parade expected to cost nearly as much as ‘tremendously expensive’ canceled war games

    WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump’s military parade in Washington is likely to cost nearly as much as the now canceled military exercise with South Korea that Trump called “tremendously expensive” and said cost “a fortune,” three U.S. defense officials say. The parade, which is scheduled to take place on Nov. 10, is currently estimated to cost approximately $12 million, the officials said. One official called the number “a planning figure,” saying cost estimates could still change as planning develops. “We […]

  • MGM Resorts sues more than 1,000 Las Vegas mass shooting victims to avoid liability

    LAS VEGAS — The owner of the Mandalay Bay hotel says it bears no liability in last year’s Las Vegas concert massacre and is asking the courts to extend it federal protections that shield companies who provide anti-terrorism products and services to civilians. MGM Resorts International, facing a barrage of lawsuits over the shooting, responded by naming more than 1,000 of the shooting victims as defendants in two lawsuits of its own. The entertainment giant is not seeking monetary damages but, […]

  • Woman selling home amid dispute with HOA over fish in driveway

    JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. — An Indiana homeowner is selling her home and moving out amid a spat with the homeowner’s association over goldfish ponds in her driveway. Carol Hanquier has lived in the Silver Springs neighborhood for 20 years and uses the fish to sooth her anxiety and other health problems, WRTV reports. However, the Silver Springs HOA says the ponds are considered above ground pools and are a violation of the neighborhood’s declaration of covenants and restrictions. Records show […]

  • ‘Firenado’ swirls, burns along Colorado River

    BLYTHE, Calif. — A couple in California, filmed this wildfire along the Colorado River. The extreme heat from the wildfire created a vortex known as a firenado. As the firenado spun off across the water it turned into a water spout.

  • Police say a man faked his own murder using a gun and a weather balloon

    PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. — A murder investigation in a peaceful golf community in Florida, has come to a bizarre conclusion. Now, police say a 71-year-old man who was found shot to death in the community in late January wasn’t murdered at all. He actually killed himself — in a very unusual way. The puzzling investigation into Alan Abrahamson’s death started six months ago as a homicide. Palm Beach Gardens, a city of about 50,000, is praised by local police […]

  • Trump surprised at fierce criticism of Putin news conference

    WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump was upbeat immediately after his news conference with Vladimir Putin in Finland, but by the time he returned stateside on Monday evening, his mood had soured considerably amid sustained fury at his extraordinary embrace of the Russian leader. Now, his aides are wondering how he’ll respond to anger from even his staunchest supporters after he sided with Putin over U.S. intelligence agencies investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election. The White House said Trump would address […]

  • Trump confirms switch from baby blue design for Air Force One

    WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump says the new Air Force One planes will be red, white and blue, a shift away from the classic “baby blue” design they have had for decades. “Air Force One is going to be incredible,” Trump told CBS in an interview over the weekend that aired Tuesday. “It’s going to be the top of the line, the top in the world. And it’s going to be red, white and blue, which I think is appropriate.” A source […]

  • ADHD study links teens’ symptoms with digital media use

    WASHINGTON — The more teens check social media and stream video, the more likely they might develop symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, a study suggests. The study, published in the medical journal JAMA on Tuesday, sheds light on how more research is needed to determine whether symptoms of the disorder, commonly called ADHD, are possibly caused by digital media use. “If we can determine if there is a potential causal link that is consistent across studies, then we can design interventions to […]

  • Redheads, lobsters and cupcakes: Apple shows off 70 new iOS emojis

    CUPERTINO, Calif. — Redheads, superheroes and lobsters will rejoice when they see the latest emojis coming to Apple iPhones and iPads. Apple previewed some of its 70 new emojis on Monday. The unveiling marked an early start to Tuesday’s World Emoji Day, a 4-year-old holiday that celebrates the popular, wee cartoons. The new emojis arrive later this year in an iOS update, and include a handful of hairstyles. There are new curly hair, red hair, gray hair and no-hair options […]

  • Lava from Hawaii volcano creates tiny new island

    HONOLULU — Lava that’s still flowing from the Kilauea volcano has now created a tiny new island off the coast of Hawaii. The island of lava appeared Thursday, just offshore from the northern edge of the Big Island, the United States Geological Survey said. A Hawaii Volcano Observatory crew noticed it during a Friday morning flight. The island is part of the lava flow that extends underwater away from the coastline, the agency said. It thinks underwater pressure pushed the lava flow to the surface. […]

  • Common blood pressure drug recalled for possible cancer link

    WASHINGTON — A common drug used to control blood pressure and help prevent heart failure was recalled by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Friday, a week after 22 other countries recalled it because the drug contains a chemical that poses a potential cancer risk. Valsartan is off patent and is used as a component of other generic medicines, but not all medicines containing the ingredient are involved, according to the FDA. The U.S. recall includes the the versions of valsartan that […]