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  • District attorney acquits school sex offender after jury votes guilty

    DENVER — On Jan. 18, 2017, only about a week into her new job as Denver District Attorney, Beth McCann had her office file an “unusual” request in district court. The document was called a “people’s statement conceding reversal of conviction.” It essentially told the court system that the DA’s office had changed its mind after winning a conviction during a jury trial the prior year. In fact, McCann’s office wrote that it completely agreed with the convicted criminal’s defense […]

  • 137 officers have been killed over 10 years while wearing body armor

    DENVER — Why are so many police officers being murdered while wrapped in the protection of body armor? It’s a question that’s been on the minds of Colorado this year after the gunshot deaths of three deputies, in three different departments, over a five-week period. December 31, 2017: Douglas County Deputy, Zackari Parrish III January 24, 2018: Adams County Deputy, Heath McDonald Gumm February 5, 2018: El Paso County Deputy Sheriff, Micah Lee Flick To find answers, the FOX31 Investigative Team […]

  • Another Cherry Creek elementary school sex assault goes unreported

    AURORA, Colo. — A growing chorus of Cherry Creek Schools parents, upset about the way the district deals with allegations of sexual assault, are calling for change. Many are demanding the district to fire or change leadership. Others are stepping forward with stories of abuse of their kids at school. One of those parents contacted the FOX31 Problem Solvers last week after seeing an investigation that revealed the district has failed to report at least 30 sex assaults to state […]

  • How to access student disciplinary and crime statistics for any school in the state

    DENVER — Colorado law mandates that parents must be able to easily access student disciplinary and crime statistics for any school in the state. That’s not a reality. And once the information is found, the data aren’t always accurate. By analyzing thousands of police calls, at least 30 sex assaults reportedly to have occurred inside the Cherry Creek School District since 2016. None were reported to the Colorado Department of Education, a misstep State Sen. Rhonda Fields said is a […]

  • Cherry Creek School District blasted for underreporting sex assaults

    GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo. — In August, the Aurora Police Department received a call about the alleged conduct of a Cherry Creek School District employee. According to a police dispatch call report, the mother of an Overland High School student had discovered texts on her daughter’s phone. She told Denver Social Services. As a “mandatory reporter,” a case worker relayed the information to police. Police documents described the communication. “Teacher at Prairie Middle School … sexually propositioned student.” The text “asked […]

  • Student sex assault cases going unreported by Cherry Creek School District

    GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo. — Three employees of the Cherry Creek School District were criminally indicted by a grand jury earlier this year for failing to report suspected sexual abuse of a middle school student. Prosecutors say, in 2013, a 14-year-old girl came forward and told her principal, assistant principal, and counselor about a teacher who had been allegedly raping her. Court records also indicate the trio of school leaders not only failed to call police as required by law but […]

  • Denver rape prosecution rates remain low

    DENVER — Denver’s district attorney is seeing a higher volume of sexual assault cases than her predecessor, but statistics show that hasn’t turned into a higher percentage of prosecutions. Beth McCann’s predecessor, Mitch Morrisey, took a lot of criticism for refusing to charge 70 percent of rape cases, most under a classification labeled internally as “no reasonable likelihood of conviction.” According to a document compiled by McCann’s office, McCann has charged defendants in about 33 percent of rape cases, a […]

  • Thousands of inmates released on the streets after midnight

    BRIGHTON, Colo. — It’s 1 a.m. The temperature in Brighton is well below freezing and falling fast. Uriah Wilson and about a dozen other inmates, who had been in custody all day inside the Adams County Detention Center, step into the pre-dawn darkness, wondering why jail guards chose this time to let them free. “Two o’clock this afternoon I was supposed to be credited with time served and ready to go. And they waited until after midnight and kick me out? (I […]

  • One pocketknife found in one year during screener pat-downs at DIA

    DENVER — About 58 million travelers went through Denver International Airport in 2017, 19 million of which stuffed their personal belongings through metal detectors, then stood motionless inside full-body scanners. Hundreds of thousands of those passengers are estimated to have been pulled aside for additional physical screenings, some having set off the metal detector or been flagged with an unknown object on them via X-ray technology. Others were “randomly” chosen by computers for additional hands-on pat-downs. And the pat-downs, starting […]

  • Shooter threatened law professors, police before killing

    HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo. — Douglas County shooter Matt Riehl had no criminal background, but according to the sheriff’s office, he was “known to them.” Part of that reason was Riehl’s angry, strange and threatening social media postings. Riehl used the alias “Matt Gonzo” on Facebook. Using various means of video recording, Riehl complained about the politics and tactics of several local police agencies. Before Riehl opened fire on Douglas County deputies early Sunday morning, he was busy on Facebook calling […]

  • Plea deals for faulty headlamps deny justice for victims

    BROOMFIELD, Colo. — Fictitious traffic tickets have been generating big money for Broomfield City Court this past year. About one-fifth of all moving violations were pleaded out to the same charge: Faulty headlamp. According to court records, prosecutors allowed 840 drivers to plead guilty to faulty headlamps, even though the Broomfield Police Department cited zero drivers for having a broken headlight. Although the plea agreements were designed to cut court costs and increase money collected from fines, the system denied […]

  • ‘Cyanide bomb’ expert under investigation by Colorado State Department of Agriculture

    LAPORTE, Colo. — Plenty of residents living in Laporte’s dog-friendly Rolling Hills neighborhood love animals. Chickens and horses prominently roam among large family homes, pens and yards. But a man living on Moccasin Circle has some of his neighbors feeling threatened. They say they are uncomfortable with the private property owner setting cage traps, placing unknown objects such as spikes into groomed ground, and according to police, allegedly setting out poison to kill skunks.  “The wildlife is not his to […]

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