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Brooke Wagner is the anchor of Good Day Colorado, week days on FOX31 Denver.

She has been delivering morning news in Denver since 2002. Before moving to Colorado, Brooke was an evening anchor in San Diego, California and in Austin, Texas. She has also worked as a morning anchor in Pennsylvania. Though Brooke truly feels at home in Colorado, she grew up in Des Moines, Iowa, and was born in Subic Bay, Philippines, where her dad was based as a Naval Aviator.

In the last decade, Brooke has spent hundreds of hours reporting Colorado’s biggest stories – from the Windsor tornado, to the Democratic National Convention, and the Aurora theater shootings. She works hard to bring credibility and sensitivity to the stories of our community. Brooke is a multi-Emmy-winning anchor and reporter. Her work has garnered awards for breaking news, interviews, health and feature reporting, and field anchoring. Brooke’s stories on adoption helped dozens of Colorado foster children find forever families. One of her favorite special reports was filed from St. Jude Children’s Hospital in Memphis, where she spent time with the children and families fighting cancer.

Brooke is proud to be part of the hardworking KDVR team, and she loves coming to work every day. She relishes her other dream job as “Mom.” Brooke and her husband have a daughter and a son. Together, they enjoy hiking, biking, reading, and building Lego creations! They love living in Colorado!

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