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  • In reversal, Trump signs order stopping family separation

    WASHINGTON — Bowing to pressure from anxious allies, President Donald Trump signed an executive order Wednesday ending the process of separating children from families after they are detained crossing the U.S. border illegally. It was a dramatic turnaround for Trump, who has been insisting, wrongly, that his administration had no choice but to separate families apprehended at the border because of federal law and a court decision. The full text of the order can be read here. The news in […]

  • 911 call in child abuse case: Girl reports parents, says sisters are ‘chained up’

    RIVERSIDE, Calif. — A 17-year-old girl who had just escaped her home of horrors called police dispatchers and revealed in a high-pitched voice the abuse that had gone on for years. “My two little sisters right now are chained up,” she said in a recording played Wednesday during a hearing to determine if her mother and father stand trial for a raft of abuse charges. “They will wake up at night and they will start crying and they wanted me […]

  • Trump says he’ll be ‘signing something’ to keep families together at border

    WASHINGTON — Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen has drafted an executive action for President Donald Trump that would direct her department to keep families together after they are detained crossing the border illegally. She was at the White House where Trump told reporters he would be “signing something” shortly on Wednesday. The effort to end what has become a major crisis for the Trump administration was outlined by two people familiar with Nielsen’s thinking. It’s unclear exactly what the president […]

  • AMC Theatres taking on MoviePass with new movie ticket program

    NEW YORK — AMC Theatres, the world’s largest movie theater chain, has unveiled a $20-a-month subscription service to rival the flagging MoviePass. The theater chain on Wednesday announced a new service to its loyalty program, AMC Stubs, allowing subscribers to see up to three movies a week for a monthly fee of $19.95. That’s more expensive than the $9.95 monthly fee for MoviePass, but AMC’s plan gives access to premium format screenings like IMAX and 3-D. The new subscription model […]

  • Couple warn parents of pool safety after toddler caught on video scaling locked ladder

    ATTLEBORO, Mass. — A Massachusetts family has captured a video of their toddler climbing what is supposed to be a gate stopping children from getting into a pool. Keith Wyman said his family was in their backyard on Friday when his 2-year-old son Cody began to climb the gate blocking the ladder to their above-ground pool. The Wymans grabbed Cody before he got into the pool, but not before capturing it on camera to show other parents how easily kids could climb over. […]

  • Canada becomes second nation to legalize marijuana

    TORONTO — Canada’s Senate gave final passage Tuesday to the federal government’s bill to legalize cannabis, though Canadians will have to wait at least a couple of months to legally buy marijuana as their country becomes the second to make pot legal nationwide. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government had hoped to make pot legal by July 1, but the government has said provincial and territorial governments will need eight to 12 weeks after Senate passage and royal assent to prepare […]

  • Man given life sentence for setting girlfriend on fire in front of her children

    GEORGETOWN, Colo. — A 34-year-old man has been sentenced to life in prison after a jury convicted him of dousing his girlfriend with gasoline and lighting her on fire in front of her children at a campsite. John Vasquez of Arvada was found guilty in April of first-degree murder and other charges in the death of Christina Archuleta-Blasier. Prosecutors say the couple were arguing at the campsite in the Barbour Forks area of the Arapahoe National Forest south of Idaho […]

  • Report: Youngest migrants held in ‘tender age’ shelters

    WASHINGTON — Trump administration officials have been sending babies and other young children forcibly separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border to at least three “tender age” shelters in South Texas, The Associated Press has learned. Lawyers and medical providers who have visited the Rio Grande Valley shelters described play rooms of crying preschool-age children in crisis. The government also plans to open a fourth shelter to house hundreds of young migrant children in Houston, where city leaders denounced […]

  • Colorado to adopt California’s stricter car pollution rules

    DENVER — Gov. John Hickenlooper on Tuesday ordered the state to adopt vehicle pollution rules enforced in California, joining other states in resisting the Trump administration’s plans to ease emission standards. Hickenlooper told state regulators to begin writing rules that incorporate California’s low-emission standards with a goal of putting them in place by the end of the year. Hickenlooper said the strict standards are important to Colorado, citing climate change and noting the state’s elevation makes pollution worse. “Our communities, […]

  • Trump administration pulls U.S. out of United Nations’ Human Rights Council

    WASHINGTON — The United States announced Tuesday it was leaving the United Nations’ Human Rights Council, with Ambassador Nikki Haley calling it “an organization that is not worthy of its name.” It was the latest withdrawal by the Trump administration from an international institution. Haley, Trump’s envoy to the U.N., said the U.S. had given the human rights body “opportunity after opportunity” to make changes. She lambasted the council for “its chronic bias against Israel” and lamented the fact that […]

  • Cruz’s flip-flop on family separation shows threat to GOP

    WASHINGTON — Every day, child welfare agencies across America make difficult decisions to separate children from their parents. But experts say those agencies have ways of minimizing the trauma that aren’t being employed by the Trump administration at the Mexican border. Among other things, child-welfare agencies often try to arrange visits between parents and children and keep communication open between them. Many professionals are worried about what is happening to the more than 2,300 youngsters who have been separated from […]

  • California ER doctor seen on video mocking patient during anxiety attack

    LOS GATOS, Calif. — A Northern California emergency room doctor has been suspended after cursing and mocking a man who said he had an anxiety attack. The San Jose Mercury News reports that Dr. Beth Keegstra, a contract doctor with El Camino Hospital in Los Gatos, was suspended after she was recorded on June 11 questioning whether 20-year-old Samuel Bardwell was sick or just looking for drugs. Bardwell’s father, Donald, said his son suffers anxiety attacks and takes the drug Klonopin. But […]