Ashley Michels joined FOX31 Denver and Channel 2 News as a reporter in April 2014.

Ashley is originally from Carol Stream, Illinois, about 30 miles west of Chicago. She began her career as a political reporter for WCIA-TV in Springfield, Illinois.

From an early age, Ashley always knew she wanted to move to Colorado, even though she had never been to the state. In 2012 she was sent to Littleton, CO to cover Illinois’ former Governor Rod Blagojevich report to prison. That is when Ashley fell in love with Denver and decided it would be her next move.

Ashley credits the game show “Wheel of Fortune” for launching her into the field of broadcast television. During her freshman year, Ashley was selected as a contestant on the game show. After the taping, a producer told her she should be on TV for a living. Ashley took that advice to heart, and went on to earn a B.A. in broadcast journalism, English and international politics from Northern Illinois University.

Ashley also holds a Master’s degree in political affairs reporting from the University of Illinois Springfield.

Outside of work, Ashley’s passion is travel. She has lived in Australia, Ireland and Peru. Her family lives in Nova Scotia, Canada. Ashley has also backpacked Europe and New Zealand. Her dream trips include Iceland, South Africa and Central America. She’s also a little more than halfway to her goal of visiting all 50 U.S. states.

When she’s not globe-trekking, you can find her exploring Denver and the surrounding mountains. Ashley and her fiancé love to spend their weekends hiking with their yellow lab, Brady.

You can also send her an email at

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