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  • Colorado poised to be leader in new national hemp market

    DENVER — One of Colorado’s cash crops, hemp, now stepping into the national spotlight, with the passage of the Farm Bill by the House and Senate. The bill, still waiting for President Trump’s signature, would take hemp off of the controlled substances list. In Colorado, it opens the door for even more business opportunity for the state that leads the nation in hemp production. In one of his farms just east of Denver International Airport, John Lee with the Hemp […]

  • Neighbor goes out of her way to help identify porch pirate

    COMMERCE CITY, Colo. — Stephanie Sanchez loves using social media to keep tabs on what people are doing, but she never thought she would use it to potentially help solve a crime. “I’m kind of a nosy person, and I like knowing everything that’s going on,” Sanchez said. “My family calls me the Facebook FBI detective because I’m always doing things like this.” When Sanchez saw a video on Nextdoor of someone stealing a $400 stroller from her neighbor’s front […]

  • Disabled Colorado veteran wins XTERRA World Championship title

    HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo. — Craig Vogtsberger laces up every day for a run, but he has one extra step of preparation most don’t have to go through: After lacing up his ASICS, he fastens his BlueROCKER brace to his left shin. “The foot just drags on the ground if I’m not wearing the brace,” Vogtsberger said. Seventeen years ago, a National Guard training exercise turned into an accident: Two Humvees crashed together with Vogtsberger caught in between. It left him with […]

  • Fake delivery person steals packages from Denver-area neighborhood

    ARAPAHOE COUNTY — A thief wearing what appears to be FedEx attire is targeting homes in the Denver area. Shawn Henley said when he viewed video from a camera on his porch, he initially thought there was some kind of mix up. The video showed what looks like a FedEx employee coming to his door to pick up a package. “[I’m] annoyed to say the least,” said Henley, who lives in unincorporated Arapahoe County near southeast Denver. He said the […]

  • Daughter of missing woman believes case has been overlooked

    THORNTON, Colo.– Ambyr Carolus has been on edge for more than three months straight. Her mother, Terri Ackerman, has been missing since late August, and now she fears the worst. “She wasn’t here for Thanksgiving, for my daughter’s or my son’s birthday,” Carolus said. “I just really really want someone to come forward and let us know something. People do go missing, but four months now, and no one has made contact and she hasn’t taken any of her money […]

  • Denver City Council passes ordinance to create safe injection site

    DENVER — The Denver City Council passed an ordinance to create a supervised drug use site pilot program on Monday. The site is intended to provide a safe space for injection that is supervised by trained staff, helping prevent overdose deaths and the transfer of preventable diseases. The ordinance passed, 12-1. State lawmakers will have to approve the site when the next session begins in January. The site also helps connect drug users with treatment and health care support, according […]

  • Denver City Council to hold final vote on safe injection site Monday

    DENVER — The city council will vote on Monday night on whether Denver could become the first city in the country to allow a supervised drug injection site. “We have a citywide opioid plan that includes prevention, treatment but also harm reduction,” Councilman Albus Brooks said. Brooks said data from cities around the world that have had the sites operating for years shows it could save lives. He supports the measure and believes it will pass with a large majority […]

  • Denver police say shoppers shouldn’t put gifts in back seat between trips

    DENVER — As the holiday shopping season begins, the Denver Police Department wants the public to be mindful about where people keep their purchases. “People are breaking into cars ad nauseam,” said Denver Police Public Information Officer Sonny Jackson. “People are shopping, they’re in a hurry, they’re not paying attention. They stack the back of their car with presents.” Denver Police shared a video on Facebook to illustrate the problem. It shows the thief looking into the backseat, breaking the window […]

  • Police share tips to protect porch packages

    DENVER — Millions of gifts will be packaged up and shipped to homes across Colorado, as more consumers choose to shop online. But with that comes more opportunity for thieves to steal packages when people aren’t home. “It’s frustrating you know here you are trying to get a good deal, and you’re getting a bad deal,” said Denver Police Public Information Officer Sonny Jackson. “We find a lot of people out there trying to prey on our community.” Denver Police […]

  • Black Friday begins in metro Denver

    THORNTON, Colo. — The anticipation of sitting in line for hours was worth the wait for Colorado shoppers on Thanksgiving Day who were trying to get a head start on the best deals. From Best Buy to the newly minted Denver Premium Outlets in Thornton, people chose to walk off the Thanksgiving carbs and trot out of stores with gifts and goodies for the holidays. “You’ve got to come in with a plan, especially on Black Friday,” shopper Xavier Kelly said. […]

  • Firefighters on scene more than an hour before explosion at Heather Gardens

    AURORA, Colo. — Residents are wondering what was being done in the time between when first responders arrived on scene at Heather Gardens for reports of a gas leak, and the explosion that claimed the life of an elderly woman in that community. The Problem Solvers asked questions of the Aurora Fire Department and Excel Energy to establish a timeline of the events. Scanner traffic indicates firefighters were on scene for the leak around 4:11 p.m. Around 4:45 p.m. first […]

  • Icy Hudson crash leaves 8-year-old boy dead, twin sister in hospital

    AURORA, Colo. — “My family is shattered,” said Lisa Davis outside Children’s Hospital in Aurora. It’s been one week since a crash around Hudson on an icy Interstate 76 left her 8-year-old grandson Skyler dead and his twin sister injured. Davis says there was a backup from another crash when her son-in-law slid into a semi with the twins in the back. She says her granddaughter Serenity is still in the intensive care unit getting tests. Both parents of Skyler and […]