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  • Castle Rock shop sells popcorn to support new foundation helping officers in need

    CASTLE ROCK, Colo. — Todd and Susan Martin have been selling sweets out of Popcorn Bliss in Castle Rock for more than a year. Todd Martin says it’s a great community that supports its small businesses, and Martin decided there was an opportunity to return the favor with flavor. “That’s blueberry cheesecake flavor and we made our recipe ourselves,” Martin said of the shop’s newest popcorn offering. “We know that police officers sometimes refer to themselves as the blue line, […]

  • ‘Pivot to Colorado’ campaign aims to bring Silicon Valley talent to Denver

    DENVER — As Denver grows, so does its thriving tech industry. “If you think of the technology scene in Denver, it’s really exploded over the last five to ten years,” said Vice President of Economic Development for the Downtown Denver Partnership Randy Thelen. “We think we’ve got something pretty special here in Denver.” But in order to keep that momentum going and compete as one of the top tech hubs in the United States, organizations and businesses in Denver realized they […]

  • Colorado firefighter stuck in Mexico hospital after medical complications; hospital billing family but not providing treatment

    LAFAYETTE, Colo.– The people closest to him have nothing but good things to say about Jason Oliver. “He’s dedicated his entire life to serving others,” said his close friend Scott Stephenson. But the army veteran turned paramedic firefighter now finds himself on the receiving end of service and giving. Oliver took his wife Maigan on an anniversary vacation to Cancun Mexico over the weekend, when he started developing troubling symptoms. They took him to a local hospital. “They did find […]

  • Jefferson County deputy gives girls escort home after bike is stolen

    LITTLETON, Colo. — Christiana and Cooper Bollacker are a team, but last Sunday, a trip to the Columbine Library in Littleton left them in a pickle. “We went outside and my bike was gone,” Christiana said. The two called 911 and reported the bike stolen, but after the report was filed with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, and a suspect was found, the bike was still nowhere in sight. So, as the the girls prepared for a 2-mile journey home, […]

  • Lawsuit claims students can access pornographic content in Colorado school libraries

    AURORA, Colo. — Drew and Robin Paterson thought they were doing all they could to insulate their daughter from adult content online, until two years ago when they logged into her school’s online database for research. “I was shocked,” Robin Paterson said. “In a very innocent search on biology, we ended up stumbling on pornography.” “The first article that came up in the top searches said ‘Orgasms for All,’” Drew Paterson said. The parents brought up their concerns with the […]

  • Aurora mom calls woman ‘evil’ after she tried to extort money for missing daughter

    AURORA, Colo. — A Sacramento, California, woman has been arrested for trying to extort money from families of missing children, including the family of Lashaya Stine, who disappeared from Aurora in July 2016. According to the federal complaint filed in California, 23-year-old Rozzari Young was arrested after getting caught in an undercover prostitution sting. She had allegedly agreed to meet an undercover officer for sex in exchange for $120. During that bust, investigators found text message exchanges with two families. […]

  • Lakewood police searching for man who touched himself in front of young girl

    LAKEWOOD, Colo. — Raul Rios Fonseca and his nine young girls play in their fenced-in front yard on a fall Sunday in Lakewood. Fonseca says the neighborhood has changed in the six years they’ve lived on Harlan Street as it now has more crime. But nearly two weeks ago, something put the father on edge. “It’s something I really don’t like and I got mad,” Fonseca said. His daughter Yayrim, 10, was confronted by a stranger driving in the neighborhood. “I […]

  • Boulder County receives complaints about peace sign on woman’s home

    BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. — The peace sign holds a lot of meaning for Mary Angeline. In fact, she put a 10-foot-tall symbol made out of PVC pipe and wood on the balcony of her home in northern Boulder County. “It’s universal,” Angeline said of the sign. She built it following the 2016 election as a statement after the political discourse she says she noticed in the country. “People need to come together and not to be angry at each other over […]

  • Advocacy groups see increase in sex assault calls during Kavanaugh hearing

    DENVER— Her experiences leave scars, but her encounters with sexual assault don’t define Katie. “It affects me every day,” Katie said. “It affects the way I parent.” She asked that we don’t use her last name, but hopes sharing her experience will give others courage, in a time where the issue is in the national spotlight. “Stories of sex assault are not unique,” Katie said. “One in three women in this country have been sexually assaulted.” Katie says she was […]

  • Motel shut down for numerous violations; about 70 people left without a home

    DENVER— Vicky Stone tears up at the idea of having to move for the second time in about a month, but she likely doesn’t have a choice. On Thursday, Denver’s Motel Task Force shut down the Western Motor Inn on Vasquez Boulevard because of several violations. A news release cites health, safety and fire violations, including structural and electrical issues, bedbugs and nonfunctioning smoke detectors. For people who call the motel home, they point to issues with mice, holes in […]

  • Advocates want voters to have final say in Denver Winter Olympics bid

    DENVER — The idea of Denver — and Colorado as a whole — hosting a winter Olympic Games has a long history and draws strong opinions. Sunday night in Denver’s RiNo neighborhood, a crowd discussed why voters should have a final say in the matter. “We just don’t think public money should be spent towards that,” said Let Denver Vote organizer Brandon Rietheimer. The grassroots movement stems from recommendations Denver’s Winter Games Exploratory Committee made in June, suggesting Denver should […]

  • Fashion show supports Jamel Myles’ family one month after his death

    DENVER — Nearly one month after 9-year-old Jamel Myles took his life, his mother’s heartbreak still keeps her up at night. “If it wasn’t for bullying, a lot of suicides wouldn’t happen,” said Jamel’s mom, Leia Pierce. She says her son was confident in his own identity, coming out to her as gay weeks before school started. “He loved to dress himself. Like, he didn’t care if he was mismatch,” Pierce said. “He didn’t care. He felt comfortable in it. […]