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  • New music school in Lakewood teaches tots, teens to rock out

    LAKEWOOD, Colo. — A chain of for-profit music education classes has spread throughout Canada, Mexico, and all across the United States. The latest addition is in Lakewood. School of Rock brings together kids of all ages — from toddlers to teens — to learn music in an unorthodox way. Thomas Kinsey, the founder of the school, said that the company’s approach teaches music to children individually before bringing them together to perform in a band. “All of the parents so […]

  • Parker woman in coma after plane crash lands in California river

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A crash landing into a river in Sacramento on Wednesday left a Parker woman in a coma. Candy Huffman, 64, is fighting for her life after being trapped underwater in the American River for more than five minutes. “What I’m hoping is that we can raise enough money to keep my family here so we can continue to be by her side,” said Huffman’s daughter, Angie Harcrow. Harcrow has spent the past four nights in the hospital […]

  • Jefferson County encourages residents to get free radon test kits

    Update: A spokesperson for the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment tells FOX31 that “they’ve probably run out” of the free tests and that “they went super-fast.” Previous story:  JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. — Radon is a silent killer that may be seeping into your home, but there’s no way to know it unless you take active steps to test for it. As a part of Radon Action Month, Jefferson County Public Health is encouraging residents to gauge the amount […]

  • Local restaurant chain fulfills 3-year wage hike promise

    DENVER — Beginning next month , the minimum wage in Colorado for tipped employees will climb from $7.18 to $8.08 per hour, but a 24-year-old Denver institution will beat that and begin paying tipped employees $15 per hour. Paychecks have been steadily rising for the past three years at the local burrito chain Illegal Pete’s and it’s a trend that management hopes will not only keep employees happy, but will pump money back into the Colorado economy as well. “This […]

  • Ring in the New Year safely with free rides from RTD

    DENVER — Over 600 people have been killed on Colorado roadways in the past year, making 2018 one of the deadliest years in decades. In an effort to prevent impaired driving heading into the new year, RTD will provide free rides in the Denver metro area. The rides will be available on all trains and buses starting at 7 p.m. New Year’s Eve. The free services, which also include Access-a-Ride and SkyRide, conclude at the end of the service day […]

  • Student pilots deliver holiday supplies to veterans in rural Colorado towns

    CENTENNIAL, Colo. — An annual partnership between pilots at Metro State University Denver and the Colorado Aviation Business Association focuses on a unique way to get everyday supplies into the hands of those who have bravely served our country. For the eighth year, good Samaritans took to the skies, departing from Centennial Airport, to deliver clothes, food and toys to veterans in rural locations where vets may not have access to the support they need. “It’s just really cool to […]

  • Bikers roar into Children’s Hospital Colorado to spread holiday cheer

    AURORA, Colo. —  Thousands of bikers lined up in Aurora with one cause in mind: Bringing Christmas to kids at Children’s Hospital Colorado who won’t be able to celebrate at home. For the 33rd year, bikers from across the state took to the road in an event that grows as the word spreads. “Each year we just try to get bigger and better. Last year, we tried to top what we do. We had 2,000 bikes last year,” said Tom […]

  • Michigan university to fight active shooters with hockey pucks

    ROCHESTER, Mich. — A university in Michigan is using an unconventional weapon to help in an active shooter situation. Officials at Oakland University are handing out hockey pucks to students and teachers. The school has a no-weapons policy, so the university police chief suggested using hockey pucks to distract a shooter. According to the Detroit Free Press, the pucks are also part of a campaign to raise funds to install interior locks on classroom doors. The pucks are imprinted with a […]

  • Thanksgiving travel return eased by speedy security lines at DIA

    DENVER — The Thanksgiving weekend wrapped up with an early holiday present for travelers passing through DIA with fast-moving security lines for the trip home. “It is busy, but surprisingly not as congested as I thought it would be,” said passenger Maxwell Cedrone-Ricks With over 200,000 travelers flying in and out of DIA on Sunday, the airport was prepped to handle the crowds. “I do like that all of the lines are open — that is a huge improvement. It’s […]

  • Early voting center opens in Aurora

    AURORA, Colo. — The city of Aurora opened doors to early voting Saturday morning. The effort is part of a larger strategy to make sure all ballots count. The Municipal Center in Aurora was a peaceful scene early Saturday morning, but voters shouldn’t expect it to stay that way. “What I’ve seen is that people either wait until the very last minute to register to vote or to vote itself, so we will be extremely busy on Tuesday,” said Designated […]

  • Ladies take the field at Broncos Women’s Combine workout

    DOVE VALLEY, Colo. — Female Broncos fans had the chance to get up-close and personal with the rigorous workout their football heroes follow to stay in top shape for the field. The Broncos Women’s Combine brought plenty of girl power to the field, something super-fan Merry Brannon said is just the kind of weekend she prefers. “It’s a great way to come out on a Saturday with a group of fun women to hang out with alumni players and kinda […]

  • Freezing temperatures don’t deter Broncos fans

    DENVER — For Broncos superfans, below-freezing temperatures are only a nuisance and aren’t likely to drive them away soon. “We’ve all been tailgating for 20-plus years,” said one of the first fans in line, who added that he always arrives at games in full orange-and-blue face paint. And compared to Sunday’s bone-chilling temperatures, fans say they’ve seen worse. “Well, the worst for me was the Baltimore Ravens playoff loss. That was horrendous, but this is not bad,” the fan said. […]