Gay couple pursuing complaint against bakery that refused to make wedding cake

DENVER — A Lakewood gay couple is moving ahead with a discrimination complaint against a cakeshop that refused to prepare their wedding cake. The Colorado Attorney General’s office filed a formal complaint last week against Masterpiece Cakeshop on behalf of Charlie Craig and David Mullins. The complaint stems from an incident on July 19, 2012, […]

Slideshow: Not sweet on gay wedding cakes, Lakewood bakery stirs up protesters

LAKEWOOD, Colo. — Gay rights activists held a demonstration in Lakewood to protest a baker’s decision not to sell a wedding cake to a same sex couple for a September wedding. David Mullins and his partner Charlie are upset with the owner of the Masterpiece Cake Shop  who declined to sell them a cake after […]

Man takes legal action after Denver baker refuses to make anti-gay cake

DENVER — At the Azucar Bakery along South Broadway, love is spread one stroke at a time. But even love has its limits. So when a still-unidentified customer came into her shop about a year ago asking to have a gay slur written on a Bible-shaped cake, owner Marjorie Silva said she felt she had […]

Colorado Court of Appeals to hear same-sex wedding cake case

DENVER — The Colorado Court of Appeals will hear arguments Tuesday in the case of a same-sex couple that has sued a Lakewood bakery. The couple wanted the bakery to make them a wedding cake, but the owner of the shop refused. The case has been ongoing for the past couple of years. The gay […]

Opponents in LGBT U.S. Supreme Court case agree: It’s not about wedding cake

WASHINGTON — In a legal case with profound implications for LGBT rights and religion’s place in public life, the opposing sides agree on this: It’s not about the cake. At its core, the case that goes before the U.S. Supreme Court for oral arguments on Dec. 5 is a showdown between a gay couple from […]

Kennedy wrestles with Lakewood same-sex wedding cake case at Supreme Court

WASHINGTON — His vote likely to decide the outcome, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy voiced competing concerns Tuesday about respecting the religious beliefs of a Lakewood baker who wouldn’t make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple, and the gay couple’s dignity. Kennedy, the author of all the court’s major gay-rights cases, worried early in […]

Colorado Supreme Court won’t hear baker’s appeal over same-sex wedding cakes

DENVER — The Colorado Supreme Court declined to hear the case of a Lakewood baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple. The decision upholds a ruling by the Colorado Court of Appeals last summer that found Masterpiece Cakeshop owner Jack Phillips cannot cite religious beliefs or free-speech rights in refusing to […]

Court finds against bakery that refused to make cake for gay couple

LAKEWOOD, Colo. — A bakery owner who refused to sell a gay couple a cake for their wedding reception broke discrimination laws, a Colorado judge determined Friday. Dave Mullins and Charlie Craig attempted to buy the cake in July of 2012. They planned to marry in Massachusetts, then hold a reception with friends and family in […]

Case of bakery shop owner refusing to do business with gay couple ends up in court

DENVER — It’s shaping up to be a battle between religious rights and civil rights. The owner of a Lakewood bakery accused of discriminating against gays appeared in civil court Wednesday. A judge will decide if Jack Phillips violated discrimination laws—by refusing to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple last summer. Dave Mullins […]