Johnstown: Water safe to drink, crews correcting discoloration

(Photo: ThinkStock)

JOHNSTOWN, Colo. – Officials in Johnstown are working to clear the town’s water, after multiple inquiries by residents about discoloration.

In a Facebook post Friday, the town said it tested the water, that it is safe to drink and it meets all state requirements. The town adds the cause was due to the change over from the raw water sources used to treat and provide water.

Johnstown had been using water from the Lone Tree Reservoir, but recently switched to Johnstown Lake due to low water levels at the reservoir.

In an updated post on Saturday, the town says crews have been flushing hydrants to try to correct the discoloration as quickly as possible.

The Public Works director says it may take a couple of days for the water to clear up, but insists it is safe to drink.

On its Facebook page, Johnstown also provided some answers to questions residents may have:

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