Western Slope winery gains award-winning recognition

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CASCADE, Colo. -- A Western Slope winery has gained some award-winning recognition in its 22 years of existence.

"There is no question about it, there are a lot of good wines," said Marvin Parliment, owner of Wines of Colorado in Casecade.

Years ago, Parliament became a fan of vino made in Colorado.

“No. 1, the soil conditions on the Western Slope are ideal," he said. "They have the hot summer days and cool evenings. Comparatively speaking, they will put them up to wines made in California."

Parliment was such a fan of the Colorado grape that he decided to sell it.

“Yeah, it was risky to a certain extent," he said.

As a business venture, friends, family and neighbors said Wines of Colorado would die on the vine in a year or two.

That was 22 years ago.

“We see our business increasing every year and we have a lot of repeat customers coming in, especially tourists that come back every year," Parliment said.

Part of Parliment’s success might be is his is the only winery in the state that exclusively sells Colorado wines, which has kept Kansas City residents Brett and Donna Williams coming back for 20 years.

"When we discovered this place, one of the draws was they have all the Colorado wines," Brett Williams said.

"We come here and taste them and buy what we want. ... It’s just quaint and it’s got lots of character."

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